Check Out a Glitzy New Set of Photos for ‘Mad Men’ Season Six

For those of you still reeling from last year’s Season Five finale of Mad Men, don’t worry—the premiere is but a month away. On April 7th, we will all grab some hard alcohol and sit around our televisions to watch the two-hour premiere is Season Six and from the looks of it, tensions will continue to grow and the atmosphere will become increasingly dark. We’ve been eagerly waiting to know if Don will survive the blow to his ego by the newly independent Megan and Peggy, if Joan will uphold the strength that keeps her at the core of the show, and just what sort of psychological turmoil Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will find themselves in this.

The season opener will be written by showrunner Matthew Weiner and directed by Scott Hornbacher, with the following episode directed by Jon Hamm. And as we learned back in January, this new season will delve deeper into the issues that resonated throughout the 1960s, shaking people of their social and moral ground, to which Weiner has said:

…For some reason or another, this season feels particularly related to where I feel that we are right now, as a country and as a society…There’s been a bit of a blow to our self-esteem. None of the economic realities of the ’60s, of any of the years that we’ve done the show, reflect what’s going on right now. It was really a boom time for the economy, for job creation, and American industy. But I think that the social order, the blow to our self-esteem and turning inward as we deal with the loss of something. The loss of our— Now I’m being super-vague about it. I’m not prepared to talk about it.

And with a newly unveiled series of promotional shots of the cast looking suave, it appears as though everyone may be beautiful but a smug, unhappiness is permeating the room—but again, what else is new? Check out the shots below and get your martini shakers and/or bottle of scotch ready for next month’s premiere.

Addendum: Look at the sass on that small child in the final photo.








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