Bryan Cranston to Direct Episode of ‘The Office’

Since the start of the Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season, much as been said about Walter White’s transition from well-intentioned struggling family man meth dealer to the God-complexed absolute evil jerk he has become. Perhaps if a lesser actor than Bryan Cranston were at the helm, we’d now see that shining bald head, weathered face, and maniacal facial hair and look at him with distain or feel, like Skyler, betrayed by the man we trusted and loved. But no matter what Walt does, it’s hard to fully loathe him, because Cranston, the man you know lurking inside, you cannot help but feel the utmost adoration for.

And for someone so intensely devoted in his characters, he still finds time to step out of the spotlight and throw his pork pie hat in the world behind the camera. And it seems his latest endeavor will be guest-directing an episode of The Office. Back in the Malcolm in the Middle days, Cranston directed seven marvelous episodes and has taken on three Breaking Bad ones, as well, including “No Mas,” the infamous post-plane crash episode where Walt impulsively decides to burn his stash of cash. And in a lesser-known fact, Cranston even directed the “Election Day” episode of Modern Family. So there’s really no doubt that whatever he’s doing on The Office will be a raving success.

The news of his Office directorial debut came from Rainn Wilson’s twitter after posting a preciously creepy photo of Cranston sitting on his lap. Also, while the rest of the world spent the post-Breaking Bad evening tweeting about how smug and evil Walter behaved at his impromptu dinner with Skyler and Jesse, Office showrunner Mindy Kaling tweeted away, questioning her sanity over her undeniable love for Walter White and how he is “kind of the sexiest guy ever.” And yeah, we have to agree, she’s pretty right. 






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