Brooklyn ‘Twin Peaks’ Fans to Ignite Spirit of BOB Before Halloween

For many, Halloween is the season of costumes consisting of entirely too much effort (and sometimes very little fabric), bulk candy purchases and parties where everyone drinks too much and listens to “Thriller” and/or “The Monster Mash.” But it’s also an opportunity to celebrate all things creepy and some things downright terrifying, from your standard horror movie marathon to, in the case of one party in Brooklyn this Thursday, channeling the scariest spectre of them all.

Artist Michelle Levy, who has arranged a number of works and events around the search for Agent Dale Cooper, the protagonist of the legendary cult TV series Twin Peaks, is bringing fans together with Silent Drape Runners for “Magick: A Ritual for BOB,” in which the “ultimate evil” will be summoned. Twin Peaks-centric musical project Silent Drape Runners will perform an “occult resoundtracking” of Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me before Levy will summon Agent Cooper. Tickets to Thursday night’s event at Magic Futurebox are $10 and guarantee admission, the open bar and a dance party, but not your safety. Please stay inside the Pentagram at all times.

Watch David Lynch discuss the origin of BOB below, and then try to sleep with the lights off.

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