Breaking News: Old Men Like Watching ‘Girls’

Apparently, it’s not the obvious unemployed hipsters and privileged, whiny white girls who make up the target audience for HBO’s Girls, but white guys over the age of 50. Wait, what? White dudes over 50? Does that mean more father-daughter furry penis appreciation bonding sessions have been happening this whole time? Well, color me a neon shade of confused.

According to a recent Nielsen report supplied by HBO, a full 22% of Girls’ audience is comprised of those who pee standing up and who’ve attended Woodstock in chambray bellbottoms and daisy hair garlands. But considering the fact that the mens outnumber the girls watching the show during its live broadcast or recasts throughout the week—a shocking 56% to 44%— it’s not exactly rocket science.

While fewer members of the female population cuddle up to another round of shower urination and virgin dilemmas in front of the tube on Sunday nights, stats show that 63% of them watch according to their own schedule using On Demand. The majority of the women who watch Girls are also quite a bit older, with the median age being 43.

And though the show is set in New York, hardly any real New Yorkers watch it: the number one TV market for the show is Providence, Rhode Island and New Bedford, Massachusetts. Finally, a figure that makes sense: what could be better than observing hipsters in their natural Williamsburg habitat after a hard day of sailing and tanning in Cape Cod?  

[via Vulture]

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