Bravo Premiered A Reality Show This Week About the LOLCat Industry

Bravo is a strange network in terms of its reality programming, in that it can make some of the most elite people in their professions household names (Project Runway, Top Chef), and magically create careers for people who don’t actually have professions (e.g. The Real Housewives all suddenly getting cookbook deals, music deals, acting gigs, what have you). Its latest look into a profession, which you may have missed if you were still nursing an election hangover or bracing from the latest big storm or only tuned in for Top Chef: Seattle, is a look into the lucrative industry of… LOLCats.

LOLWork follows a group of employees at the Seattle-based Cheezburger Network, which began as LOLCat aggregator “I Can Haz Cheezburger” and has since become a rapidly-growing media empire, adding on sites like KnowYourMeme and FAILBlog to its many-armed operation. The protagonist of the series, as it were, is Ben Huh, the CEO of the Cheezburger Network, and includes a cast of his coworkers, including Content Supervisor Will, who “ensures every cat on the site receives the respect they deserve” and Huh’s wife Emily, who serves as Editor-In-Chief of the site, which we can assume involves editing cat captions for perfect grammatical incorrectness.

Watch the first episode, which premiered Wednesday night, below

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