Booted Contestant Bashes ‘The Voice,’ Coach Cee Lo Green

Do you know who Erin Martin is? Me either, but since this drama is too good to pass up, let’s get educated: Martin was a contestant on NBC’s singing competition show, The Voice, until she was given the boot on Tuesday’s episode by "coach" Cee Lo Green. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get to the good stuff.

Following her elimination, caught up with Martin, who didn’t mince words when expressing her displeasure with both Cee Lo’s coaching of her and his decision to let her go (emphasis mine):

“Oh my God, I’m so glad to be over this competition. Yes, I’m over it,” Erin told’s Laura Saltman… “[For] the blind audition I gave a fabulous performance, and for my last song I gave a fabulous performance, and for both of those songs I chose my song."

When I gave that creative control over, it kind of just didn’t really go so well,” she added.

The former model also blamed her “Voice” coach, Cee Lo Green (and his song choices), for her early exit.

I think it was a good lesson for Cee Lo in this particular instance that, you know, when you come across a voice like mine, you have to really nurture it and he wasn’t the right person to do that,” she said. “No offense to him, it just, he wasn’t… I’m the right person to nurture my voice.”

Hm. So, if Martin thinks she’s the right person to nurture her voice, then why the hell would she sign up for a reality show whose entire premise is built on the concept of coaches "nurturing" the contestants’ voices? What a ridiculous statement. Sore loser much?

Team Cee Lo! [via ONTD]

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