BlackBook Intern Attack Squad: Operation ‘Gossip Girl’

Even when not stalking Robert Pattinson or being Ryan Adams, our trusty interns remain vigilant. Early this morning, we received a tip that went straight to the BlackBook Red Phone: the cast of Gossip Girl was shooting on location at Japonais, two blocks from our office. I quickly dispatched our elite squad of hardworking, perpetually awesome BlackBook interns on a mission: locate the cast of Gossip Girl. Document them with your high-tech image capture devices. Extend a copy of our tangible paper product visible in the frame. Finally, exfiltrate from the hot zone and return safely to HQ. Did they succeed?


Marie Baginski and Lindsay Abrams: Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick were sexier in person … especially with their arms around us. Hopefully they didn’t feel our hearts jumping out of our chests. Also, we were the least creepy people there. Everyone else was running after them. We just stood there. They came to us. Leighton Meester looked gorgeous and put together. We gave her an issue of BlackBook that she excitedly accepted, and we asked for a picture with her. She was really sweet, though we could tell she was in a rush.


Megan Kunecki, Joanna Rubinstein, and Liz Pirozzi: It was 85 degrees today, but when Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford put their arms around us to pose for a picture the temperature quickly skyrocketed.

Your interns get coffee; ours get plugs from the biggest stars in TV. Ladies, you can leave early today.

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