Al Pacino’s Hair Reaches New Heights as Phil Spector

"He’s a freak. They’re gonna convict him of I-just-don’t-like you." So begins the first teaser for HBO’s Phil Spector, the David Mamet-helmed-and-written film about one of the most influential and successful music producers in history and his 2003 murder trial. And indeed, said trial, during which Spector was found guilty of the murder of Lana Clarkson (for which he is serving 19 years to life), transformed him in the public eye from one of the music industry’s most celebrated figures to one of it’s most reviled, a symbol of the dark side of the music world. The trial photos became a topic of conversation, in part due to Spector’s distinctive hairstyles.

Now, a teaser and press photos for the film, which premieres March 24th, have been released, and star Al Pacino seems pretty committed to the role. Pacino dons a number of Spector’s signature coifs, most notably his towering curly mop, which creates an eerie resemblance. And it doesn’t stop at the hair—he shouts all over the place, shoots guns in the studio and asserts himself as a musical genius. Alongside him is Helen Mirren, who plays his defense attorney and appears decidedly more composed. Watch.

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