Advertisers to ‘Project Runway’: “Auf Wiedersehen”

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This may just be the final diamond-studded nail on the gilded coffin that’s become Project Runway. Advertisers have withdrawn their money from the series’ next run, which remains mired in lawsuits. And with waning advertising dollars across the board, Lifetime is trying all sorts of last-ditch attempts at keeping as much of that purported Runway cash in-tact. And with fare like this and this, both harder sells to advertisers than those dubious Runway spin-offs. But let’s assume that Lifetime miraculously succeeds and this mess gets untangled sometime in early 2009.

By then, Bravo’s alternative will be up and sputtering, and may be the shinier bauble of the two. Lovable loudmouths Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn and Michael Kors will have moved on with their respective careers. This in turn will allow lesser-known industry stalwarts the chance to step in and counsel budding designers, thereby turning fashion TV on its ear with new catchphrases. But I’m primarily concerned with Heidi Klum. With her declining modelicious appeal (that’s not to say good looks, but youth), she’ll have to retire her Victoria’s Secret angel wings soon. So here’s hoping that she’s not reduced to singing Christmas carols again.