1940s ‘Life’ Magazine Proves Teens Always Had Slutty Subversive Secrets

Rainbow parties? Colored bracelets that indicate sex acts you’ll perform? That’s kid stuff. Get a load of what Life magazine found teen girls doing with their hair bows in 1944. These little tramps communicated all kinds of subversive sex messages with just a ribbon in their hair.

Buzzfeed found a March 15, 1944 issue of Life magazine that did a piece on "High School Fads." First of all, it is a mindfuck to see the currently-trendy Peter Pan collars were in fashion back in World War II. But is also quite confusing to memorize all the codes for different hair bow messages: A bow on the top of her head means this saucy minx is "out to get herself a man." (Sorry! It’s 1944! They’re all over in the South Pacific or Poland!) A bow warn in the back means "not interested in men," which may mean OMG LESBIAN but may just mean "my boyfriend is 4,000 miles away getting shot by Nazis." A bow worn to the side means "deeply in love" while a bow worn to the left means "going steady." Interesting how those two things are different. A white bow means a girl is already someone’s girlfriend and a yellow bow means she is a "man-hater." And I am pretty sure "man-hater" does mean "lesbian," but also probably "woman who believes we should be getting paid as much as the men did to do their jobs and we should not all be fired when they return back from work."

Wow. Is it any wonder our grandmas are kind of fucked up?

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