How To Un-Coachella

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Way better than a VIP tent. Stretching out across a sheer drop under a shaded overhang

We love Coachella, loud bands, and getting drunk with celebrities under a hot sun. But it’s not the only way to enjoy April in the California desert. Many festival-goers (like the fans who rave to Jimmy Kimmel over bands that don’t exist) are unaware that directly behind them is a more serious playground in the desert, Joshua Tree.

You get wristbands at Coachella. You get a rope harness in Joshua Tree.

My favorite neighbors Serena Herrick and Jayme Darling: rock ’n’ roll meets Hunger Games at high noon in the desert

Seth, owner of Cliffhanger Guides


IMG_0249 IMG_0260
Felipe, pro climber, leads the way 

IMG_0309 IMG_0321
Love on the rocks.  Alexi, on her day off from the local bar, joins the action

Home Sweet Trailer-view from the crotch shot