This is the Keith Haring Inspired Winning Artwork for the Moxy Hotel’s #BlankCanvas Competition

Somewhere along the way, hotels decided that buying serious (or sometimes dubious) art collections and installing them around the rooms and public spaces was a really good idea. But a better one would seemingly be for hotels to actually support young art world talent.

To wit, the Moxy Hotel Times Square competition #BlankCanvas, in which artists were asked to submit designs that could be transformed into…(wait for it) a 14-story, 20 x 120 mural gracing the West Atrium. The winner (out of 2600 submissions from 46 countries) was Nicholas Lokasasmita, whose work is noticeably inspired by the late Keith Haring.

“Keith will always be my biggest inspiration in the making of my artwork,” he explains. “I’m really inspired by the spontaneous bold stroke and automatism of the shape. For the Moxy piece, I created a handmade pattern using my rough brush and black ink on paper, then digitalized it for larger medium format. I also mixed around the colors using Photoshop to create a more colorful and playful look.”

The hotel itself is scheduled for a September opening, at which time guests and non-guests will have the opportunity to stare in awe at the gargantuan finished piece.

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