The New ‘Buy Now, Stay Later’ Program Allows You to ‘Invest’ in Future Hotel Stays

Hotel Providence, Paris 



In a time of anxiety-inducing news streaming at us at warp speed, any glimmer of hope that we will once again be able to wander both near and far in the foreseeable future is a welcome excuse for daydreaming. And while confusion reigns, leave it to our nomadic friends at the dynamic young Lion & Lamb restaurant-and-travel PR agency to create a startlingly forward-looking “hotel bond” program, in a valorous attempt to support the industry’s housekeepers, concierges, and other hospitality staff, and to give our sheltering-in-place selves something to genuinely look ahead to.

Taking a page out of the certainly less glamorous world of financial textbooks, the Buy Now, Stay Later program functions like a traditional bond, only with a globetrotter’s yield: a future night’s stay in fabulous locales like the Hamptons, Palm Springs, Tulum, Bali…even Paris and Chicago. Unlike its market counterpart, however, it comes with the spirit-boosting decision of which destination to choose…whether your first post-quarantine trip will be New York, DC, Cape Town, etc. Each bond is a $100 investment in your travel plans, and after 60 days—the maturity date—you have a $150 in booking value. (No other security is going to yield a 50% return, trust us.)

Bonds are available for purchase through August 31, 2020, and new hotels will continue to be added. Multiple bonds can be secured, just check with each hotel for specific details.

So when your fuzzy slippers and unkempt hair begin to get you down, your mind can drift away to new destinations and old favorites. Your near-future self, and struggling hotel staff around the world, will thank you.


Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa, St Barth


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