Rubell Family Collection – Artful Outing


95 NW 29th St
Miami FL 33127
(305) 573-6090

Your tastes may have evolved since you hung a Warhol poster in your dorm room, but you needn’t be an art expert to know that a trip to the Rubell Family Collection is an education in creative edginess. Spend an afternoon with friends here and you’ll all qualify as modern art name-droppers. The moment you step in you’ll be channeling your inner Miami Vice, as this 45,000-square foot building of big deals was a Drug Enforcement Agency facility back in the day. While all the art here is strictly legal, there are some things that may make you blush as you plunge down the rabbit hole of modern marvels. Put your own selfies aside to check out the original queen of self-portraiture, Cindy Sherman, whose work features prominently here. Spark up a conversation as you all try to figure out what is going on with Jeff Koons’ aquarium basketballs. Connect with your college-aged self with an original Andy Warhol Brillo box and talk about the days when fifteen minutes of fame didn’t come in 140 characters or less. Paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat fill you with inspiration as you absorb some of the artist’s unflagging energy. And that’s just the permanent collection. Traveling exhibitions are equally trippy, such as the recent 28 Chinese, which toured through artists’ studios from Beijing to Hong Kong without ever leaving Wynwood Standard Time.

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Photograph by BurnAway
Edited by BlackBook

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