The Ultimate Closet Waiting for You On Arrival

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A stay at the St. Regis is nice in itself, but given this upgrade in accommodations, it might be worth a trip all on its own. It stands to reason that if you’re living well, you should be dressing well too, yes?

The St. Regis Washington D.C. has addressed this necessity with the expert help of Neiman Marcus. All it takes is your response to a simple survey. Are you a Jennifer Aniston girl or a Michelle Obama lady? Are you a George Clooney stud or a James Bond classic man? Upon arrival your hotel closet could look like this:

mens neiman

#CLOSETPORN. In case you forgot you have a black-tie gala in 12 hours, Neiman Marcus and the St. Regis, DC have got your back.

Try on your #luxe new duds in the privacy of your lovely suite, keep some or none, either is fine (the clothes just aren’t for borrowing). Send back whatever doesn’t work out within three days with no difficulty, pressure, or hidden fine print.

You and a date can be head-turning stunners wherever your trip may bring you. Or, of course, if it were me, this might just mean I never actually leave the suite. I’ll be busy trying everything on…