Hotel News From London: Book a Suite, Drive a Ferrari

Bath Butler? Pet Concierge? Minibar Negroni making kits? You can’t, it seems, swing a Frette-swathed pillow without hitting another silly, superfluous hotel amenity. But we’re personally not inclined to bother about the thread-count of our bedsheets so much as the horsepower of our driving machines.

If you’re similarly disposed, consider that a stay at the Baglioni Hotel London (the only Brit outpost of the exalted Italian hotel brand) should be next up on your springtime travel agenda. Indeed, when you book a suite for three nights at the Italo-stylish Kensington five-star (which attracts the likes of Will Smith, Jade Jagger and Christina Aguilera), it comes complete with a new model Ferrari or Lamborghini, so you can glide around the capital in enviable style.

The hotel’s suites are actually some of the plushest in London; and in-room aperitvo hour, well as dinner for two at its sexy Brunello restaurant, are all part of the fun. Afterwards, zip up to Buckinghamshire for a stay at the ultra poshie Stoke Park estate, which is offering Baglioni guests an exclusive package of leisure, wellness and culinary indulgences.

Oh, and do remember to keep to the left side of the road.

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Baglioni Hotel London - Italian Driving Experience 2

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