Hot Hotel Happenings, From London to Paris to NYC to Miami

If it seems that the undue enthusiasm of private equity sorts has led to a rooftop-lounge-topped “boutique” hotel opening on every other block of London, New York and Miami, you’d be right to be a bit blase about it all by now. But we’re ever at your service to help you sort through the (inordinate) hype. Indeed, we spend rather a lot of our time in hotels, in hopes that you will never have to find yourself in the wrong one.

Here’s what you need to know.




My, we spent a lot of time on the roof of 60 Thompson. But a divorce has left the hotel on the SIXTY side of the breakup – and a splashy makeover has put it decisively back on the zeitgeist map. To wit, one of NYC’s sexiest new restaurant openings, Sessanta – a Eurotastic affair from former Momofuku / Hearth chef Jordan Frosolone. An international crowd indulges the best of Sicilian street food (polpette di maiale, pane con la lingua) and pasta classics like spaghetti with sea urchin and tagghiarini with lamb ragu, amidst retro 70s chic interiors by London’s Martin Brudzinski Design Studio. Afterwards, retire to the hotel’s gorgeous new Gordon Bar, a classy but sexy alternative to so many overamped hotel scenes.


1583 - Sixty SOHO FB1449

Photo by Adrian Gaut



Since the six years between the opening of the NoMad Hotel and the 2018 arrival of the just–announced new Virgin Hotel might have over-cooled the former’s trendy namesake neighborhood (especially for real estate agents), those Hollywood nightlife hotshots at sbe will be gifting us the perfect stopgap: a new SLS hotel in Park Ave South. Certainly not looking to pull the laptop set away from The Ace, this new SLS will flaunt all thel uxury, pomp and trendy cocktails of its predecessors. The opening has just been pushed to early 2016…so, yes, it’s actually a winter debut.




Imagine l’horreur, when the most famous and glamorous hotel in the world found itself no longer regarded as even the top hotel in Paris. And so it has been, that for two plus years, Mdm. Wintour, Mlle. Moss and Herr Lagerfeld have had to make do with alternate accommodations. Now Le Ritz is set to reopen, with all the legendary gilt and brocade, but with everything else (technology, for instance) brought up to the highest 21st Century standards. Reserve your Place Vendome view room now.




This Knightsbridge grande dame has attracted the likes of Kimye, Gaga, Leo, Rosamund Pike and Milla Jovovich – who apparently nicked a tea set from the hotel – to its palatial, opulent surrounds. But they don’t come for a scene – rather, for the sort of posh that one might otherwise only enjoy with a lunch invitation to Blenheim. A gorgeous makeover has only served to up the posh-factor. And for gourmands, Florian Favaro has come over from Le Bristol (Paris’most exalted restaurant) to helm Céleste, one of the capital’s classiest dining experiences. The Hyde Park views aren’t bad, either.






Perhaps in hopes of creating a carefully balanced flow in the movement of hipsters between LA and Paris, this French, downscale-chic lodging brand lands, oddly not in Silver Lake, but smack in the middle of the overamped Cahuenga nightlife corridor. Expect lots of carefully orchestrated “quirk” (behold, the foosball table, the mismatched restaurant chairs, and the wacky, arti-fied ceilings.) Rooms have patterned floors, and names like Medium Mama and Large Mama – and are, of course, cheaper than the W. You already know the crowd.




Eleven years after significantly glamorizing the Buenos Aires hospitality scene, a Faena sister hotel will open imminently in Miami, with a marquee collaboration between Rem Koolhaas’ OMA, that ever-so flamboyant director Baz Luhrmann, and his equally flamboyant costume designer Catherine Martin. Expect unfettered luxury, and courtesy of Baz, a good number of stylistic curiosities. The brand will also flaunt its cultural chops, with an active arts and entertainment program.



As Thompson spinoff brand SIXTY continues to form its own identity, this new riposte to the recently opened Thompson Miami Beach will be low on flash, big on breezy, elegant chic. Rooms are Mediterranean cool, and there’s an 1800 sq. ft. pool featuring private cabanas and a full service lounge. A soft opening is scheduled for late october, and a Jeffrey Chodorow restaurant, helmed by chef Alex Guarnaschelli, is also planned.


Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel - Queen Queen Junior Suite

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