First Images: The Opulent Marble Courtyard Boutique Opens at Versailles


If binge-watching all three seasons of Versailles has left you longing for the legendary palace’s gilded halls, a visit to the Sun King’s legendarily extravagant chateau may be in order. And while there, you can now do a spot of equally extravagant shopping, at the newly opened La Boutique Cour de Mabre (or, for the less imaginative visitor, The Marble Courtyard Boutique)

Stocked is a smartly curated selection of French brands that evoke the spirit of court life, while representing a new guard of unique Gallic designers and artisans. And far from your typical museum store, the space was designed by Paris-based interiors firm Supercraft Studio, in collab with members of the renowned artisanal paper and textile design firm (and Gucci collaborator) A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson.

Located at the foot of the Queen’s staircase (where else?), the grandiosely expansive 11,000 square foot space invites Ancien Regime devotees to stroll through four elegant areas. The first room, The Queen’s Apartments, takes as its inspiration Marie-Antoinette’s boudoir at le Petit Trianon. Decorated in soft greys and lined in wallpapers designed by Mlle. Poisson, this ladies’ salon offers everything a self-respecting noblewoman might need: perfume, crèmes, jewelry, and other luxuriant fashion accessories.



A second room invites would-be royals to indulge in cake-worthy dinnerware, linens, and other tabletop items from the finest French names, while a third takes a more masculine turn, as it brings to life the King’s Apartments (sans courtesans, bien sûr). Inside, you’ll find richly scented candles, slippers, and high-end men’s leather accessories alongside objet d’art representing games, science, and hunting.

And, we must not forget les petits! Our favorite room offers children’s antique toy reproductions, books, furniture, and authentic-looking princess, marquise, and queen’s costumes – for that special little Francophile aristo in your life.

The boutique is intended to celebrate French culture and illuminate the grandiosity of life at the Court of Versailles – so visitors can continue to bask in the Sun King’s rays long after they’ve returned to la vie quotiedienne.


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