Photon Showers: A Cure For Your Jet Lag

Wandering into the Wired Store at the beginning of every holiday season often brings on a strong feeling of oh my god, it’s the future, and no product showcased has made me feel that more intensely than the Photon Shower made by Nexus Interactive Arts. (The what? I know. But anyway…)

Intrigued by a warning on the door – something or other about seizures and light sensitivity – I found myself sizing up the stall. At first hesitant to step inside, a rep mentioned the Photon Shower’s jet lag fighting abilities, and considering my sleep deficit I figured it was worth a whirl.

Supposedly mimicking sunlight, all those LEDs offer a certain… kick start. Round one didn’t do much, but after a second time watching 90 seconds of pulsing lights (and listening to ambient noises and narration by a strangely soothing and slightly robotic female voice,) I felt more up. The kick actually lasted a couple hours… maybe the Delano and The Standard should consider installing one in the spa for weary Art Basel travelers. Or the hotels in London, Milan, and Paris come fashion month… Hoteliers, are you listening?

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