Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


3720 Stephen M White Dr Los Angeles CA90731
(310) 548-7562

The full moon is high in the night sky. The waves crash on the beach. Your kids step toward the water gently with their flashlights ready. As the tide pulls back, blankets of silvery fish scurry onto the shore to spawn. It’s an amazing sight that will thrill your kids on a family outing to witness the famous “Grunion Run” at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. This is a sight unique to Southern California. The Aquarium’s meet the grunion program runs from March through mid-July, and you’ll love the chance it provides to educate your youngsters. The knowledgeable aquarium staff leads the students through all types of activities. Before heading to the beach, your mini-Jacques Cousteaus will be entertained by videos of grunion–sardine-sized fish native to the California and Baja coasts–darting, squirming, and carrying on the tradition they repeat every spring. Then they’ll make grunion origami and work on other arts and crafts. They can even touch live tide pool animals in a special tank inside this beautiful Frank Gehry-designed aquarium. Make sure to dress warmly—it can get cool by the water—and have a flash camera locked and loaded. You won’t want to miss photo ops of the kids watching in amazement as the grunion wriggle around. The females burrow into the wet sand to lay eggs, and the males wrap around them to fertilize. Education, nature, and fun with the entire family by the beach—just another reason to love L.A.
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Photograph by Tracie Hall
Edited by BlackBook

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