A Swiss Hotel Company is Offering a ‘Covid-19’ Quarantine Package



If there’s one thing you can count on during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s that human ingenuity will rise to the occasion—evidenced, for one, by the proliferation of makeshift masks.

No industry needs such ingenuity more than hospitality, a business that relies on strangers wanting or needing to spend time around other strangers. And cleverly answering that, Swiss hotelier Le Bijou Hotel & Resort Management AG has come up with the pithily named Covid-19 Service package, for those who are reasonably flush with cash and need to get out from under the stir-craziness of home quarantine.



With luxury apartment-style rooms available in Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zug, they have teamed up with a private health care provider to offer on-site coronavirus testing and daily nurse visits, while all meals are delivered straight to your door (no contact with staff is necessary). The rooms themselves are equipped with every home comfort…though you’ll have to pack your own dog-eared copies of Orwell and Camus; decor is typically Swiss, sleek but restrained, and elegantly contemporary.

No surprise, it doesn’t come cheap—figure on about 800 Swiss Francs (the equivalent of roughly $824). But, well, if you’re going to ride out a pandemic, there are certainly worse places to do it than Zurich or Lucerne, right?


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