Your New Perfume Is Written in the Stars

Choose your sign? Not really an option, but thanks to Strange Invisible Perfumes, mixing and matching your zodiac scent is both possible and encouraged.

“We all have more than one sign layered within our personality much like the layers of a perfume composition,” explains Alexandra Balahoutis, founder of the Venice Beach-based perfume house. It’s why her Zodiac scents — 12 in total – are so personal.

Though each scent in itself represents the complexities of each sign, Balahoutis knows we’re even more faceted than our signs could describe. In turn, the perfumes are all meant to be layered however the wearer wishes. For instance, if you were a Gemini with Virgo rising, the combined scents of Gemini’s gardenia and leather (already representative of the sign’s dualities) and Virgo’s notes of rose might remind you of yourself more than you imagined.

Each scent is available for $125 at

Your Much, Much Lazier Horoscope

So first I guess I should ask what your sign is? Ah, forget it, doesn’t make a difference. Stars are stars and planets are planets, right? They’re all up there doing stuff and that’s the way it is. One of the planets in particular is going to have a huge effect on you this week—a good effect, maybe, but also you could get groped on the subway or straight-up die. Planet is fickle. Just throwing that out there. Be ready.

You’re going to want to hear about the romance part, of course. Well, the Zodiac (that’s the celestial arrangement we’re talking about, not the serial killer) has brought you to a crucial intersection in these matters. It’s of pressing importance that you choose between reinforcing the steady relationship you’re in or following your heart into a new and probably stupid one. If you don’t have a steady relationship at the moment, it’s because you don’t floss, I think. Call it a hunch—er, astrology.

Also, don’t make any business or financial decisions until you’ve had a good look at the fine print. That’s not really part of the horoscope so much as it is common sense. Try to control your impatience or anger when things don’t go your way; that’s for everyone else’s benefit, really. What? Oh, yeah, boo-hoo, your head is filled with horrible thoughts you can’t get rid of no matter how much you drink. You can be such a drag sometimes. No wonder you and the cosmos aren’t on speaking terms.

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HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Should Make Winter Extra-Gritty

With Breaking Bad and Dexter both on their way out for good, and True Blood nearly wrapped up as well, premium cable is going to be hurting for both outlandish crime potboilers and a dose of Southern Gothic ooze. By all indications, HBO will be filling the void with True Detective, a drama series starring Matthew McConaughey alongside Woody Harrelson—one cool thing about the “Golden Age of TV” is that every A-lister seems to want a show of their own. 

Yes, it’s another of those unraveling-an-unspeakable-secret-in-a-rural-or-small-town stories, somewhat in the tradition of Top of the Lake, as well as The Killing, the Red Riding trilogy, BBC’s The Edge of Darkness, and Twin Peaksgoing back finally all the way to The Wicker Man, whose cultish overtones are apparent in the creepy Blair Witch­-like folk art we see dangling from trees in this clip. But we ought not to let this clear lineage—nor the reality of McConaughey being out of his depth against an actor like Harrelson (only one of these guys would show up in a Coen brothers movie)—depreciate our love for gory, unsettling mysteries.
And there does seem to be a promising twist on this familiar material: the two leads are pursuing their Louisiana serial killer over the course of seventeen years—well, actually, think Zodiac—and the show will have the multiple timelines to flesh that out. In the preview, for example, we see what appears to be a flash-forward to a slightly drunk McConaughey telling other cops the whole sordid story. A promising framing device, we hope, and not some more Lost-style shenanigans. Either way, we’re in for a TV show’s TV show.     

David Fincher to Direct Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ Music Video

With his new series House of Lies premiering next week, it looks like David Fincher has some other exciting non-feature film projects in the works. The Playlist confirms for us that yes, the man who brought us Fight Club, Zodiac, Seven, etc. will now be directing the video for Justin Timberlake’s "Suit & Tie," the first single off his new album. Apparently J.T. and Fincher must have gotten pretty chummy while filming The Social Network and are collaborating once again with production already underway. No stranger to the world of music, not only did Fincher got his start on videos and commercials—with Nine Inch Nails’ "Only" his last hand at cinema for the sonic—but music always plays such a key role in his films.

Not much has been revealed about the video, save some on set photos but things look pretty fun between Jay Z and J.T., who look fresh and suave in these shots— as usual. Take a look below, listen to the song, and imagine just what these two have brewing up together. 


Listen to Fucked Up’s New Zodiac Single, ‘Year of the Tiger’

Fucked Up’s semi-annual Zodiac singles have gone a long way toward building their mythology as the best hardcore band around, what with the distinctive visual iconography and the always relevant release peg (Chinese New Year was just a few weeks ago, in case you forgot). Today, they’ve released a new one titled "Year of the Tiger," the first since 2010’s "Year of the Ox." Featuring contributions from Jim Jarmusch, Austra, and Annie-Claude Deschenes of Duchess Says, the song is over 15 minutes long and quite a trip. Via Matablog, you can listen to it and the other Zodiac singles after the click.

One teeny tiny quibble — 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, not the Tiger, and it would be nice if the band had strived for some greater lunar accuracy. I was born in the Year of the Dragon, and this is my year, as it is for the other ’00/’88/’76/’64/etc.-ers. If this is also totally your year, scan this completely legitimate Zodiac analysis to figure out what level Dragon you are (I’m either a Level 3 or 4). And a happy Gung Hay Fat Choy to you, too! If you like the single and want to hear it all the time, purchase it from your local record store or the Matador website.