Linkage: Greta Gerwig Still Has Roommates, M.I.A. Shares New Song

“I recognize that maybe I should be at a point where I stop having roommates, but I’m not," says Greta Gerwig, who, with all of her successes, still shares a space with two others. "I like living with people." [NYM]

Meet the fictional one percent — Forrest Gump, Carlisle Cullen and C. Montgomery Burns among them — and the fictional 99 percent. Chins up, Oliver Twist, Katniss Everdeen and Ron Weasley: the people — fictional or otherwise — united, will never be defeated. [Forbes/Flavorwire]

Last night on twitter, M.I.A. shared a snippet of  "Come Walk With Me," a new song presumably off her upcoming album Matangi. It bangs. [MIAuniverse/Twitter]

Warner Bros. is hoping to one-up Disney with a "darker version" of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, written and directed by Harry Potter‘s Steve Kloves, and starring a real life Mowgli and maybe some CGI-assisted lions and tigers and bears. [IndieWire]

President Obama gets down to the Snowman, it seems. "In my first term I sang Al Green. IN my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy," he joked at Saturday’s Correspondents’ Dinner. "Michelle said, ‘Yeaaah.’ I sing that to her sometimes." [RapRadar]

Kanye and Kim wore coordinating leather pants on a recent date; Kanye, however, seemed to have issues keeping his up. [YBF]

Over the weekend, Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsy pried a teenage driver from his crushed Mustang after it flipped right outside Dempsey’s home. Ryan Gosling, we hear, was busy that day. [TMZ]

Afternoon Links: Kanye and Kim Give It A Go, Adrian Grenier Needs A New Grocery Store

Hunger Games date night turned into breakfast and then into lunch, and now it looks like things between Kim and Kanye might just work out after all. [Us]

● A Brazilian production company, RT Features, has purchased the film rights to Bob Dylan’s 1975 album Blood on the Tracks in hopes of creating "a classic drama with characters and an environment that capture the feelings that the album inspires in all fans." [RS]

● According to Tara Reid’s math, "almost everyone" has had plastic surgery. [PageSix]

● Snooki is designing a line of slippers for infants and children, because she is three months pregnant and a woman who love’s her comfy footwear. [Refinery29]

● Adrian Grenier ditched a work-shift and has been kicked out of his beloved Park Slope Food Coop. If he wants to continue with the "no special treatment" thing, we might suggest the Key Foods down the block. [NYDN]

● Last night’s Young Jeezy show in Toronto was cut short when gun shots ran out, leaving one man in serious but stable condition. Jeezy left unscathed and with the promise that he "will be back!"  [TorontoSun]

Morning Links: Snooki Might Actually Be Pregnant, Ryan Murphy’s Mega-Musical

● Turns out, Snooki might actually be pregnant and just waiting on the right tabloid cover deal to make the announcement. Will Snooks be the first non-teen to be pregnant on MTV? Or the first meatball, certainly! [Page Six]

● Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have welcomed their third, little boy bundle of joy, into the world. [Us]

● Meryl Street donated a generous $10,000 to a school in Viola Davis hometown in Rhode Island, perhaps as a ‘Thank you’ or even an "I’m sorry" for taking that best actress Oscar. [Reuters]

● Elizabeth Olsen has been offered the female lead in Spike Lee’s Oldjoy remake. [SlashFilm]

● This sounds too good to be true, but: Glee‘s Ryan Murphy is said to be planning a mega-musical comedy called One Hit Wonders that will star Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Beyoncé and Andy Samberg. [Deadline]

● Whitney Houston’s death has been ruled an accident, and "not a result of deliberate action taken by Houston—or anyone else." [E!]

● Young Jeezy hung out with Betty White back stage at Conan, and there are pictures to prove it. Oh, the places you’ll go. [Rap-Up]

Young Jeezy Is a Politician, Pals Around With Samuel L. Jackson

Young Jeezy, rap lifer, gave an interview with Vulture in which he talks about getting Samuel L. Jackson to narrate a biopic about him on his upcoming album, TM 103. Does that seem weird? Jeezy’s in that group of rappers who don’t seem to lose their credibility no matter how dressed up they get, unlike, say, 50 Cent. Discerning authenticity in rap is basically a shell game of intention and knowing, but it’s impressive that he doesn’t ring false when talking about hanging out with Oscar winners while in the same breath advocating economic equality in the ghetto. 

There’s something in the power of assertion, though. He doesn’t shy away from political talk, whether it’s giving thoughts on Occupy Wall Street or how rappers are sort of like politicians:

Politics isn’t only about government. Politics is about the people. Like, if you look at the president or your preacher, they motivate you and say, “Everything’s going to be all right,” and that’s what you strive for. When it comes to these streets and these people, they just want me to tell them that “it’s going to be all right,” “it’s going to be good,” and they believe me. So when I say politics, that’s what I mean. They [the people] want to see me rise up and do what I do and tell them that “we’re gonna be all good, just follow me.”

Makes sense to me. Below, listen to "My President," just in case you forgot.

My President Is Black, My Wristband Is White

imageBarack Obama’s security detail is an Orange County cheerleading squad next to the linebacker thuggery that shields America’s top rappers from the unwashed. Getting into Young Jeezy’s Inaugural Ball at Washington’s Club Love last night was like watching a rap video in reverse: first came the flashing cop cars, then the gangstas roughing you up, followed by B-roll of floor-humping throngs, and finishing off with a beautiful honey taking your drink order in iambic pentameter — fade to black and a slow needle scratch.

All this to promote badboy-turned-good kid rapper Young Jeezy’s hit single, “My President [iz Black],” which is in fact, a truism. Nobody was certain if the rapper would actually show for his show, but about fifty black-cloaked giants surrounded the stage for several anticipatory hours and mumbled into their collarbones. Meanwhile, another oversized legion blockaded every possible passage, staircase, and bathroom door and belittled the minions who tried to pass. Civil treatment came only to those who flashed the right wristband, and I quote: “Only white gets on this floor.” Yes, the super-elite, all-access, VIP, bouncer-eff-off wristband was white. Hey Obama, word to your mother.