4 Out of 5: Connie Wang on New York

Connie Wang is the global editor of Refinery29. She lives in the East Village. This is her take on four places she likes, and one place she doesn’t.


YO-C Salon – "I used to go here out of convenience (it was 10 feet from my apartment), but I’ve gotten consistently awesome haircuts courtesy of my stylist Reiko, even when I manage to royally eff it up from the random hair stories I research. Only a wizard would be able to turn a half-grown-out perm puffball into something actually attractive."

Quickly – "I usually hate hot pot meals, but I’m really into how clean and simple the shabu shabu is at the Chinatown location. I get a double lamb meat platter with an extra helping of enoki and tofu skin, but it’s a pretty mix-and-match affair for those who are picky about what they want in their dashi."

The Future Perfect Manhattan – "This is a heaven for interiors nerds. I come here to ogle the too-expensive furniture that looks like it was built by elves on acid, and to indulge in cheap thrills like animal butt magnets and gold Buckyballs."

The Wooly – "This space is the home of many Refinery29 parties (and only partially because we’re a team of people who gets off on getting wasted around floral wallpaper and pink couches). The only hassle is actually convincing yourself to make the trek down to the Financial District, but it’s definitely worth the haul."


Café Mogador – "I don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing? Cafe Orlin down the street has basically the same menu without the wait time, and my eggs never get overcooked."