Outsmart the Holidays with Wunwun

We touched on it last week: Wunwun, the anything-on-demand app that helps you get anything that you want from any NYC store (standing in lines for $24 per hour), with a customized helper sending texts, pictures, and asking questions along the way. The service works perfectly, with the real joy being that it allows you to be in two places at once. Since it’s the holidays, there is no time this could be better put to use, whether you’re a New Yorker home for the holidays or a tourist spending the holidays in the city (Wunwun is Manhattan-only right now). Shopping is so much of a hassle this season, especially because of the lines, and Wunwun will stand in them for you.

Here are a few ideas on how to use Wunwun to score last minute gifts and outsmart the crowds:


The beloved purveyor of French macarons, currently has only a single Upper East Side location. While the goods are certainly worth the wait, it could cost you an hour of your time. Send a helper to pick up a dozen for you.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

The home of this summer’s biggest craze, Cronuts, still requires a pre-sunrise, early morning commitment. Holiday parties and their ensuing hangovers will make this impossible. Send a helper and check something off of your list before you even wake up.


Arguably the best ramen (at least the most famous) in the city, with waits clocking in at cinematic lengths, Ippudo makes the perfect end to a day out shopping in the cold. Send a helper to hold your place while you enjoy a drink nearby or peruse nearby shops.

Download Wunwun in the app store.