Missy Elliott Shades Nicki Minaj With a Slick ‘Misdemeanor’ Bite

“Where they from?” hip-hop royalty Missy Elliott interrogates in her Pharrell-produced comeback single, “WTF,” calling out all the names that comfortably rose to fame in her absence. It’s a fair question to ask, coming from the woman who delivered iconic cuts like 2002’s “Work It” and 2005’s “Lose Control”—two tracks that helped unite the once disparate worlds of hip-hop and pop, making it easier for someone like Nicki Minaj to break into Top 40.

In a new interview with Billboard, Elliott fuels the blazing fire first sparked by “WTF” when rap contemporary Minaj is brought up in conversation:

When asked about Nicki Minaj, who is clearly influenced by Elliott, she mock-innocently replies, “Oh, she is?” (Speaking to her influence generally, she adds, “Unfortunately, breaking news, there is only one Missy.”)

Though this was a sly diss true to Misdemeanor’s signature nonchalance, Elliott has given praise to the emcee in past interviews, previously telling New York Magazine that “Nicki makes rapping fun again.” In Billboard, she also reflects on when she was coming up in the industry, acknowledging all the female MCs that were dominating the scene: Lil’ Kim, Lauryn Hill, Eve, Foxy Brown and Trina. “There’s room for so many, she said. “It’s important.” Watch “WTF (Where They From),” below:


Marc Maron Has a Lot of Very Funny People on His New Show

Marc Maron had a lot of very funny people on his other show, too, but that’s beside the point. The comedian and host of the popular WTF podcast has a new show coming up on IFC, and it appears to be a Louie-esque combination of his professional life (in this case, recording the podcast as opposed to standup) and a scripted narrative where he plays a character based on himself.

The comedy in Maron, for the most part, seems pretty relationship-based, focusing on his parents (Judd Hirsch of Ordinary People plays his dad), his girlfriend, played by Mad Men’s Nora Zehetner, who at one point asks him why he’s cool with her peeing on him but not okay with her making him banana bread (he doesn’t know either and Andy Kindler (Bob’s Burgers), who plays his friend. But with the podcast sections, the roster becomes even more stacked, with, from what we could tell, appearances from Denis Leary, Jeff Garlin, Ken Jeong, Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott, and hopefully lots more funny people. Maron premieres on IFC on May 3rd, but in the meantime, see who else you can spot in the trailer below.

Straight Women On Grindr Still Think All Gay Men Are Stanford Blatch Or Something

Ah, the unstoppable force of Grindr, an app so powerful its spawn are even spawning. The location-based app has led to fellow spinoffs for gay men (Manhunt Mobile, Scruff), a version for straight people (the equally shoddily-named Blendr) and even a Jewish version (Yenta, which sadly is nothing like this ad). But one unintended—but somewhat expected but still kinda gross—consequence of Grindr’s popularity has been the new trend of straight women using the service to find new Gay BFFs.

Down on the Buzzfeed farm, there’s a post featuring a number of women who are on Grindr looking for gay pals to do shopping and brunch and checking out guys together type things. The posters self-describe as “the ultimate hag” and fruit fly, and their requests aren’t much better—one user, Courtney, seeks “fun gay shopping partners! Let’s check out guys while we shop for shoes! J” Ashley’s tagline says she’s “Now accepting GBFF apps!” and that she’s “ready to talk about fashion, lady gaga, Tina turner and Zac Efron.” At least two use an outdated and hurtful term for transgender people that they probably thought was okay to use because Christian Siriano said it all the time on Project Runway that one season. So, that’s a great way to endear yourself.

As a disclaimer, the gay male population isn’t a monolith, and I don’t mean to speak for any one particular group or be offended for anybody, but I can safely say the gay men I know would probably find this pretty offensive. Having an open mind and wanting to meet new people is great and all, and it can’t be hard to find people, gay or not, who enjoy things like shopping and brunch and Tina Turner. Pretty much all people like brunch, and literally everyone loves Tina Turner. And there’s nothing wrong with looking for friends on the Internet—lots of people do that now.

But defining someone solely by their sexual orientation and choosing a friend solely based on that criteria and its stereotypical trappings, as opposed to seeing, you know, a person with goals and interests and fears and loves doesn’t make you more progressive or likable or whatever, it makes you, first and foremost, a shitty friend. And granted, certain friends do serve certain purposes, but that doesn’t mean you get to treat them like accessories. And if your perception of gay men is still the result of Sex and the City and Ryan Murphy-fronted sitcoms, then you actually legitimately do need to go out and meet actual gay people.

Come on, hasn’t Disappointing Gay Best Friend taught you anything?

Bon Iver Wants You To Design His Tattoo; These Are His Demands

Sometimes, opportunities present themselves in strange ways. Maybe it’s a bar competition for the bold and booze-addled or the discovery of an important hidden talent. And sometimes, a Grammy-winning, cooing, flannel-clad indie-folk heartthrob wants help designing a tattoo based on his favorite ’90s television show. 

Bon Iver, a.k.a. Justin Vernon, really, really loves Northern Exposure. So much, that it inspired the name of his band and his record label, Chigliak, is named for one of the Alaskan town’s residents. And he needs help designing a Northern Exposure-themed tattoo, featuring an image of the Cicely, Alaska town founder, the legendary figure of Cicely herself, done in the style of his favorite Art Nouveau painter, Alphonse Mucha. These are his demands.

54 entries from 26 designers appear in response to Vernon’s 99Designs post, now in its final stage of voting and with 47 hours of submission left. The winner of the five finalists takes home $299; the runners-up receive VCR-recorded back episodes of Northern Exposure, with Vernon’s handwriting on the tape label.*

"This is a really important thing to me," Vernon writes in the post. "I don’t know how to express that exactly… Its a TV show but it weirdly explained my life to me. Cicely is the metaphor for that."

For a bit more context, here’s a clip from Northern Exposure’s fifth season, in which we remember that Northern Exposure made it to five seasons (it actually made it to six!). Maybe it will inspire your oddly specific cult TV show-referencing ink, if not Vernon’s. 

*Not an actual consolation prize. 

If You’re Rude In One London Cinema, The Ninjas Will Get You

There are a lot of reasons not to go to watch a movie at the cinema. They’re expensive, the popcorn is really super bad for you, you can wait for Netflix, but most of all, having to watch with other people. Crying babies, horny/obnoxious teenagers, would-be piraters and nonstop tweeters. People can be total a-holes at the movies. This obviously poses a problem for cinemas, and some have no problem taking more extreme  measures to put obnoxious offenders on blast (our favorite example was the genius pre-show message from the Alamo Drafthouse, which played the angry, profanity-ridden, probably-boozy voicemail from one customer who was livid about getting kicked out for texting).

The Prince Charles Cinema in London’s movie Mecca of Leicester Square is taking it a step further, enlisting volunteer vigilante ushers in skin-tight black bodysuits a la It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, whom they call “ninjas,” to shut rude patrons up. The “ninjas” sneak up on the offenders and tell them to get their act together. The suits came about via the involvement of Gregor Lawson, the founder of Morphsuits, who was sick of obnoxious audience members and decided to put his “zentai” suits to good use.

One moviegoer, Abdul Stagg, talked to SlashFilm about getting caught by the ninjas while talking on his cell phone in a theatre:

“It was actually pretty terrifying at first, but then I realised it was a bit of a laugh and a great way to make it clear what I was doing was having an impact on those around me. It certainly made me hang up and shut up for the rest of the film.”

Basically, either this is a really effective exercise or a really elaborate advertisement for Morphsuits, but it does raise some concerns. We’re all for any measure that encourages people to be courteous and polite to one another, but really, this is how low we’ve sunk? We now have to hire people (working for free, mind you) wearing stretchy bodysuits to sneak up on people to compel them to not be dicks? Oh, humanity, you hot mess, you. 

The Olympics Opening Ceremonies Are Going To Be Nuts

Chances are, if you have access to a TV and are into large-scale international sporting events, your memories of the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Beijing are probably still pretty vivid. The thousands of drummers working in unison, the Birds’ Nest, the insane levels of pageantry. The 2012 Games begin in London on July 27th, and the world will have its eyes on Opening Ceremonies Director, filmmaker Danny Boyle and ceremony overseer and fellow filmmaker Stephen Daldry, to see if they can top that madness.

And it appears they might, or at least they sure are going to try. Boyle revealed the plan for the ceremony earlier this week, and despite warnings not to work with kids or animals, they’re doing both in an elaborate recreation of the English Countryside (complete with real rain from real clouds, because nothing says Great Britain like a whole lot of rain) called “Isles of Wonder,” a reference to Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Among the damage, according to The Guardian: “A village cricket team, 12 horses, 10 chickens, 70 sheep, a model of Glastonbury Tor, two mosh pits and the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world.” As the massive musical bacchanal known as Glastonbury won’t be taking place this year, Boyle is attempting to recreate the rock-fest feel with the aforementioned mosh pits and some high-end speculated musical guests.

In addition to Sir Paul McCartney, The Who, Take That and other UK music heavy-hitters rumored to perform, late last year, dance group Underworld were named as the Directors of Music for the opening ceremonies and have recorded at least two new tracks for the occasion. Many readers, from the British Isles or not, will remember the last time Underworld and Danny Boyle met—their hit single “Born Slippy” was one of the most memorable jams from Trainspotting, Boyle’s film based on the novel by Irvine Welsh.

Did Skrillex Really Grab Five Grammy Nominations?

Have you heard of Skrillex? He is a dubstep DJ. What is dubstep you ask? It is a type of dance music. Would you like me to explain dubstep further? It is the sound of music if that aforementioned music was also imagined by someone who had never, ever heard music before. 

Skrillex – the 23 year old dubstep DJ – has somehow nabbed himself five Grammy nominations, including a shot at the coveted Best New Artist award. Does this mean the world going to end? Not quite. It does mean however, that the young electronica whippersnapper is quite literally just behind Adele and Kanye West in terms of Grammy nominations. 

What a topsy-turvy world we now live in, one where protesting is illegal, pizza is a vegetable, and a dubstep DJ is nominated for multiple Grammys.