P.S.1 Blazes in New York

P.S.1 art space is once again cultivating life in Long Island City. This month began the tenth anniversary of the museum’s popular dance music series Warm Up, attracting both dance aficionados and those that just like beer and hot indie girls. (Ladies, a note: If you’re seeking straight men, hanging around the bar is your best bet). This year’s impressive schedule is sprinkled with names like DFA’s James Murphy and Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem), Au Revoir Simone, Metro Area, and Kelley Polar, ensuring numbers surpassing the weekly average of 4,000 in attendance last year.

Last weekend’s DFA/Rong show featured Jason Drummond (DJ Spun), co-curator of the series, filling out six hours of spinning by DJs Sawako, Scotty Coats, and Free Blood. The courtyard installation Public Farm One (P.F.1), was the unobtrusive yet obvious focal point, providing minimal shade for dancers but plenty of conversation fodder for art-lovers. Designed by WORK Architecture Company, the solar-powered sustainable urban farm utilizes cardboard tubes as plant beds, features a wading pool to cool off weary feet, and off to the side, there’s a chicken coop (you read it right). It wasn’t clear whether the livestock enjoyed the rave scene, but on Saturday, Spun’s thumping deep house music shuffled the feet of most of the attendees, inspiring an intense breakdance battle down in front, trance-like swayers in the back, and the faint smell of certain herbs. All the public farm’s crops appeared perfectly legal and respectable, agriculturally speaking.