10 Cyber Monday Fashion Deals to Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping

Happy Cyber Monday! Also known as the one day that you can spend unmentionable hours online shopping at work and not feel bad about it because you know that everyone around you is probably doing it too. It’s a time when top brands and retailers reward their computer-bound consumers with deep discounts across the web, creating the most convenient shopping experience, ever. Since this is also a perfect time to tackle some last-minute holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up ten stellar sales that are guaranteed to satisfy just about every fashionably inclined friend on your gift list.

1. AllSaints: Take 20% off all merchandise, including menswear, womenswear, and accessories when you enter promo code ALLSAINTS at checkout.

2. Shopbop: Spend $250 or more, take $50 off your order; spend $500 or more, take $100 off; spend $750 or more, take $150 off; spend $1,000 or more, take $250 off; or spend $1,500 or more, take $500 off. Use promo code BIGEVENT at checkout.

3. wonderMode: Take 20% off final purchase when you use promo code KZN6C2F1V at checkout. Deal ends at midnight.

4. DKNY: Take 28% off your entire purchase, plus free shipping.

5. Esprit: 40% off all items, including accessories.

6. Betsey Johnson: Take 40% off your entire purchase.

7. Ralph Lauren: Take 25% off reduced items, plus free shipping.

8. Adidas: Free shipping on all purchases, plus $15 off order $80 or more, $25 off orders $100 or more, and $40 off orders $125 or more.

9. Converse: Take 20% off all items, plus free shipping.

10. Nike: Take an extra 25% off clearance items with promo code ADVANTAGE. Sale ends Wednesday.

WonderMode Grooms Tomorrow’s Fashion Vanguard

Given the variety of e-commerce sites currently available to online shoppers, a rookie e-tailer truly needs a unique vision to stay in today’s game. Just when you think all creative juice has been squeezed out of the market, a new startup like wonderMode comes along to shake things up.

Founded by Aaron Duncan, a former executive of Playboy Enterprises (yes, that Playboy), wonderMode is a high-end curated marketplace that hosts a variety of passionate cutting-edge designers. Featuring cult talents like Lady Gaga favorite Maria Francesca Pepe and NYC-based Dominic Louis, the platform welcomes the future of fashion to promote, sell, and build their brand in a supportive atmosphere. There’s even a section dedicated entirely to recent graduates.

“Most emerging designers don’t have the time or money to focus on developing an effective e-commerce site, and have little to no experience in building and marketing a brand online,” Duncan explains. “At wonderMode, designers can focus on their products, while we handle the sales and marketing end.” Once a designer applies and is accepted to sell on the site, wonderMode provides them with their own designer boutique and promotes them through various social media channels. “Social media is a very important component to our site – we use it as both a communication tool and a listening tool to hear what our world is saying,” notes Duncan. We say sign us up.