Morning Links: Lindsay Lohan Owes $93K in Taxes, Demi & Wilmer Call It Quits

● Lindsay Lohan forgot to pay some $93,000 in federal income taxes. Good thing she picked up that Playboy money. [TMZ]

● This year, Kim Kardashian has been replaced by a fitness-savvy and stylish dog in Skechers’ Super Bowl commercial. [People]

● A recent PPP poll shows that South Carolina voters would be more likely to pick Stephen Colbert than Jon Huntsman to represent the GOP in the upcoming presidential election. [Reuters]

● Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are done making out. "The smartest thing a woman can ever learn is to never need a man," Lovato says, tweeting as she wishes to seem. [Us]

● "That shit is emotional," says Jay-Z, Duracell’s newest spokesman, the first time he hears Kanye’s "Big Brother" beat. "If the camera wasn’t going, I’d be saying other shit." This is how a throne is built. [NR]

● A New York Times television critic on why the Cosby Show will never get old, and then, his "Five Keys to the Cos." [NYT]

Morning Links: Justin Bieber Attacked, Frank Ocean & Chris Brown Made Up

● Justin Bieber almost got in a fight with a policeman yesterday, after a plainclothes cop jumped the barriers at his perfume event to restrain the crowd, knocking Beiber down in the process. Anyway, Bieber’s fine, but check on your Beliebing little sisters — we hear they’re not happy. [NYT] ● The Supreme Court ruled against Anna Nichole Smith yesterday, posthumously denying her the $300 million she felt she had been promised by her also dead husband. [LAT] ● Cynics be gone: Kim’s assets are all her own. She’s got the butt x-rays to prove it. [E!]

● Chris Brown and Frank Ocean tweeted and made up last night, deciding it was best to put their beef aside before things got too real. [Rap-Up] ● Wilmer Valderrama isn’t worried about his ex Lindsay Lohan’s recent troubles. “I’m not worried about her at all,” he said, when asked about Lindsay at the Cars 2 premiere. “I think she’s going to get through this because she is ridiculously talented.” [People] ● Apparently Kreayshawn has been picked to direct the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new video, director being a role she’s used to, having worked most notably with Lil B. Girl’s really living the dream. [MTV] ● Meanwhile, her friends from Odd Future have proven themselves to be more than just a moment. Word has it that they are working on a song with rap legend Nas. [P4k]

Morning Links: Amy Winehouse Booed Off Stage, Lady Gaga Strikes Up Friendship with Slavoj Zizek

● E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons passed away over the weekend due to complications from a stroke. Heaven’s being treated to an awesome sax solo right about now. [NYT] ● Yesterday’s Post asked a good question: “Fez? Really?” Just how does a waning c-lister like Wilmer Valderrama, who has been attached to everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Mandy Moore, and, most recently, Demi Lovato, keep getting the girls? Mostly, drinks. Classy! [NYP] ● To nobody’s surprise, Amy Winehouse was stumbling and sloppy — like, really sloppy — at her comeback show in Belgrade. After arriving an hour late and shouting “Hello Athens!,” she was booed of the stage. [DailyMail]

● In her upcoming memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, Bristol Palin talks about the time she lost her virginity to “the gnat named Levi Johnston” in a cold tent after one too many wine coolers. Then they promised they would never do that sort of thing again until they were married. Which, well… [AP] ● Recently-single Lady Gaga has “struck up a strong friendship” with slobbering philosopher Slavoj Zizek, reports Page Six. She followed him to a union rally and he said he liked her meat dress and they talked about collective human creativity. Gaga has a thing for boy’s with philosophies — it could totally be. [Page Six] ● Frankie Muniz, star of Malcolm in the Middle and not much else, seems to be preparing for a career change. “I’m going to be a politician,” he tweeted. “I’m running for public office. I will be announcing soon.” Things to look forward to! [Frankie Muniz/Twitter]

Danny ‘A-List’ Abeckaser

Danny A. has been a fixture in New York nightlife since the mid 90’s. He is known as a promoter/owner and certainly a player. His “friends” are often the young Hollywood set and all the models, actresses and bright beauties that are part of their entourage. After a dabble here and there in film Danny has now produced and stared in Holy Rollers, a buzz film about Hasids from that “un-gentrified” part of Brooklyn that smuggle drugs from Amsterdam. At Sundance he received support from his pals Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Connolly, Adrien Brody, Adrian Grenier, Wilmer Valderrama and Guy Oseary. He even got a favorable notice from Harvey Weinstein, who called Danny’s performance “awesome.” His New York premier the other night was all that it should’ve been. Everyone who is anyone in the scene was delighted by Danny A., the movie star. He even has a new— or I guess an old—name now. The Danny A. we all love is now the equally loveable Danny A. Abeckaser. I will just assume that the middle “A” stands for awesome or amazing or “A” list. I caught up with my old friend and asked him about what it all means.

First congrats! As an A-list promoter/owner who has been know to travel with celebrity friends, how do you perceive how a successful film career will change your relationship with the club people and the celebrities? I hope nothing changes. The fact that I’m friends with actors that became movies stars as our relationship evolved has nothing to do with why I consider them really good friends. I’ll also be in the club business for the rest of my life, no matter how my film career takes off.

How long have you been acting and where do you want to go with this? I’ve been acting all my life and I want to go straight to the top.

Who or what helped you create the character you play in Holy Rollers? Being in the club business, I’ve been around a lot of shady characters. It was not a far-fetched thing for me.

Is this the end of Danny A and the beginning of Danny A Abeckaser? Or has Abeckaser always been here? It’s always been there, buddy. It just needed time to evolve and to wait for the right moment to strike

Of the other players in club land who else do you see as an actor? DJ Juske.

What else are you working on in film and is acting your goal or do you see yourself directing or writing or doing something else? Well, I was both a producer and an actor in Holy Rollers, so I think my main focus will stay with those two things, but you never know.

Tell me about working with my dear friend Jen Gatien. Jen is awesome, she’s a dear friend of mine, too. She brought a lot to the table and did so much for the film. She was awesome to work with.

Can I have your autograph? Why in the world would you want that?

When does the movie come out and where? It comes out May 21st in New York and LA. In New York it’s playing at the Landmark Sunshine on East Houston and the AMC Loews 84th Street. In LA it’s playing at the Landmark. Other cities will open in the weeks to follow, so check out for the full schedule.

Links: Lindsay Lohan Crashes, Keira Knightley’s Rented Shoes

● We know that Marc Jacobs is engaged to Lorenzo Martone, but do they plan to adopt? Either way, here’s a photo of them holding a seriously cute baby in São Paolo. [Glamurama] ● Days after gifting herself a new Maserati, Lindsay Lohan got in a fender-bender. Lilo just can’t have nice things. [JustJared] ● Kim Kardashian is giving those Twitter-people a stern talking-to because there are so many Kim Kardashian impostors on the social networking site spreading lies about her. [MSNBC]

● David Letterman bit the bullet and married long, long–time girlfriend Regina Lasko; they’ve been dating since 1986 and have a 5-year old son. Letterman joked that he held out for so long because he was the envy of all his married friends. [US] ● Rihanna was seen house-hunting — a new love-nest for her and rumored beau Wilmer Valderrama? I assume a massive gate and a great security system is part of her requirements. [TMZ, PopCrunch] ● Times are tough. Everyone’s tightening their belts — even Keira Knightley. The A-list actress claims that she only rents shoes now because she wasted so much money on footwear when she first became famous. [I’mNotObsessed]