Lady Gaga and Prince William Skype About Mental Health

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Longtime outspoken advocate for mental health issues Lady Gaga has Skyped with Prince William, also a major advocate for the cause, to talk about the importance of being open about what’s going on up in your head.

Gaga recently opened up about her experience with Post-Tramautic Stress Disorder after being raped at age 19, and published an open letter unveiling her struggle in December.

William, too, has a history of engaging in activism to promote a better culture and conversation around mental illness. He’s championing his Heads Together campaign with Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, which calls for discussion about what illnesses we’re struggling with in our minds.

In their Skype conversation, William and Gaga commended each other’s work so far on the issue and made clear their passion about continuing to end the stigma.

“The little bits that I’ve learnt about mental health is that it’s ok to have that conversation; it’s really important to have that conversation and that you won’t be judged,” said William. “It’s so important to break down that taboo otherwise it’ll lead to problems further down the line.”

Take a look below: