Watch the Trailer for James Franco’s BDSM Documentary, ‘Kink’

Personally, I love James Franco and will be supportive of all his peculiar and interesting endeavors until he gives me reason to do otherwise. And as usual, the man of too any hyphenates to list, has his hands working through a bit of everything around Hollywood. This morning saw the anticipated release of not one but two trailers for Spring Breakers, in which he stars as the bizarro rapper, gangster, lover Alien—cornrows, grill, guns, and all—going so far into his "hard" persona, you almost forget about his Harry Osborn days of yore.

And with Sundance kicking off tonight, we’ve talked about our anticipation for Interior. Leather bar., the film he co-directed with Travis Mathews that re-imagines the lost forty minutes of William Friedkin’s Cruising—but just one Franco-centric premiere at Sundance? Blasphemy! No, the festival will feature  second documentary priemere from him, that too proves to take on a controversial sexual subject matter.

Premiering at the festival this Saturday night, the Franco-produced documentary, Kink, explores the Internet’s largest producer of BSDM content, The film looks to give insight into the inner workings of the production company and debunk the negative connotations associated with the BSDM lifestyle. Shot by Christina Voros, Franco’s long time cinematographer/contributor, it appears he will once again be pushing the envelope and diving into territory all his own.

Check out trailer for both of his Sundance debuts below, as well as a video from the time he interviewed our reigning queen of performance art, Marina Abramovic—because, why not?

Check Out the Trailer for James Franco’s ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’

Honestly, I love James Franco. A few years ago, I took a class called Art(core), where my professor showed us a short film by a "great young artist." When the film ended on its dedication to Kenneth Anger and Anthony Hecht, I loudly praised the short piece, begging to know who had made it. The answer: James Franco. Oy. Of course. However, since then, I have grown to appreciate his bizarre efforts—just a creative, probably insane, dude trying to explore every aspect of the artistic and intellectual world, right? Even if his work isn’t always groundbreaking, or if his performances aren’t necessarily Oscar-worthy, it’s like—so what? What did you do today?

But besides his upcoming cornrowed performance as Alien, the drug-dealing gangster/rapper in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, Franco’s latest directorial effort was recently announced as a selection in the Sundance New Frontiers Program as well as the Berlinale’s Panorama section. The meta-documentary, "Interior. Leather Bar.," examines the missing forty minutes of William Friedkin’s cult film Cruising. Collaborating with director Travis Mathews—known for his work in the "art porn" world—the film’s extended cut will open in January at Sundance and explores the, "motivations of all of the people involved with the recreation of Friedkin’s scenes," and the trailer showcases, "From Franco and Mathews to the various actors who must decide if it’s worth appearing in something that will, to paraphrase the trailer, almost surely be called pornography, even if it’s co-directed by a Hollywood star." No stranger to evocative subject matter in his work, this looks to be something Franco could really have sunk his teeth into, so I’ll be highly anticipating seeing it as whole, as well as how it fares at the festival. 

James Franco To Direct Sort-Of Remake of William Friedkin’s ‘Cruising’

James Franco loves gay dudes. I’m not saying that James Franco is gay, but he sure is a gay sex enthusiast. Do with that what you will. Anyway, the modern Renaissance man is hard at work on a new project called James Franco Cruising, which is a film inspired by William Friedkin’s 1980 pile of garbage Cruising, in which Al Pacino plays a straight (question mark?) cop who goes deep into the underbelly of the terrifying gay S&M world of New York City to nab a gay serial killer preying on twinks and otters. It’s a very subtle film, as you can imagine.

Of course, Fanco is teaming up with gay porn director Travis Mathews (N.B. All gay porn associates have two first names) to make, I’m sure, a very tasteful and interesting film about James Franco’s two favorite subjects, which are, obviously, gay sex and James Franco. Per Indiewire:

According to Mathews, Franco wanted to update the film, but he couldn’t get the rights. As Mathews’ gay art porn/drama "I Want Your Love" was getting press attention, Franco’s people emailed Mathews to ask him to talk about the film. Within 24 hours, they were talking.

"He knew he wanted real gay sex in it," Travis said. "His people went looking for a filmmaker who had filmed real gay sex, and I suspect someone who would complement his vision. We talked about why we would be interested in still looking at this film. We talked about his interest in the film and his interest more broadly in so many gay-themed stories and visionairies. He’s worked with so many in front of and behind the cameras over the years."

Mathews, who plays himself and directs, and Franco, who also plays himself and produces, decided to document the recreation of the 40 minutes that were lost from the film after an intense battle with the MPAA to change its rating from X to R.

"[Friedkin] cut the film down at his own expense," Mathews said. "Recently, when he was getting ready to do an anniversary edition, Warner Bros. told him that the footage was destroyed. It’s possible those 40 minutes implicate Pacino’s character in the gay S&M culture. That was the place we started from as a launching point: James Franco’s version of those lost 40 minutes."

To learn more about what those 40 minutes could contain, Mathews spoke to two extras. "These guys were real New York gays, patrons of bars like the one in the film. The production was so concerned with the protestors that the extras would be picked up by buses to be taken to the set at an undisclosed location."

They found some real New York gays, you guys. Wherever did they scrounge them up?! Anyway, blah blah blah. James Franco is doing something involving low-brow art and artists, et shitera et shitera. I think I’m more annoyed that he’s so hell-bent on coopting gay sex from, you know, MY people.

Now, this new version of Cruising better have the best scene of the original cruising, in which a giant black man in a jockstrap bitch-slaps Al Pacino in the middle of a police interrogation for no reason at all: