Dancers in the Dark

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It was all supposed to be very official. We had official press passes, we were on the official interview schedule, but the Official Klaxons After Party held on Monday night at Rebel was anything but…

Immediately following the Bjork show at MSG, hundreds of PYTs filtered past the velvet rope to see performances by Spank Rock, DJ Steve Aoki, Mike Bell (LFO), and Mystery Jets. Tape recorder in hand, we were anticipating a very brief chat with Klaxons. After making our way to the door, where Magnum PR girls were brandishing very official lists, we were informed that none of the bands wanted to do press, and we should “Just go and have fun with everyone.” And so we took heed. Even Bjork joined her earth intruder friends for champagne and dancing. There were fewer paparazzi. There was more cigarette smoking on the back porch with rockers like Will Rees from Mystery Jets. There were no VIP tables. And so, it’s official: Best. Party. Ever.