New ‘Arrested Development’ Trailer Reunites Viewers With Old Friends, Introduces An Ostrich

Arrested Development is almost here, and for those who are fans of the show but perhaps unwilling to travel to London and overpay to eat at a real frozen banana stand, the final trailer for the new season is generating some excitement. And here’s what you have to look forward to in the new season, according to the clip. 

Michael! George! Oscar! Lucille! Gob! Tobias! Buster! Lindsay! George Michael! Maeby! Streaming! The stair car! Michael moves to Phoenix! An ostrich! "The Final Countdown!" George Michael goes to college! George Michael also has a poster up in his dorm room that literally just says "Music," which is kind of amazing! And he still has feelings for Maeby! Of course he does! Tobias’ failed acting ambitions! Buster still dealing with Oedipus complex! Judy Greer returns as Kitty Sanchez! Lupus! Illusions! Buster stammer-screaming for Lucille! Juice boxes! Buster still has a hook! 

The Future of ‘Up All Night’ Still Up in the Air, Will Arnett Attached to CBS Pilot

It’s Pilot Season! It’s Pilot Season! Now is the time when people who know a sliver about television report on all of the new projects being filmed for potential TV series, which means that everyone freaks out about the tiniest things. Up All Night, as we know, is in a weird spot. While the single-camera format has been tossed out after a season and a half and Christina Applegate has left the show, the future doesn’t look too bright. Naturally, Will Arnett is looking at other options, as any sane person would do in such a volatile situation, and is attached to star in a comedy pilot for CBS. 

Entertainment Weekly reports that the still-untitled pilot will be written by Greg Garcia, creator of Raising Hope and My Name Is Earl:

In the multi-camera show, Arnett will play a recent divorcé whose life grows more complicated as his parents experience problems in their marriage. (Arnett and wife/Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler separated last fall.)

Oh right, Will Arnett is also in a weird spot, marriage-wise. Thank you, EW, for reminding us that sometimes life imitates art. Now, if only this show was also about an actor fleeing a failing sitcom for another network show. And throw in a zeitgeisty subplot about his experience on a beloved-but-cancelled sitcom that has found a new home on a streaming video service! This could be big, everyone.

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‘Up All Night’ Is Basically Over

Up All Night was actually a decent show: Maya Rudolph, Will Arnett and Christina Applegate can’t not be funny and it’s hard not to like a show with a cute baby in every episode. But ever since Applegate announced she won’t be returning to the show, it has basically been falling apart.

At first there were rumors that Lisa Kurdrow would replace Applegate on the program. But now Arnett is supposedly being wooed by CBS to headline another sitcom.  

But now Rudolph is pregnant with her fourth child, which  may have required incorporation of her pregnancy into the show. But it seems as if it’s a fool’s errand: creator Emily Spivey also left the show within the past two month and  Kim Masters reports at The Hollywood Reporter that writers aren’t even sure the program will be kept alive and are seeking new work. 

Well, at least it is somewhat of a consolation that TV shows can be as fucked up work places as anywhere else. 

Too bad. It was a good show.

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Popular Show Previews Deleted Scene, Internet Explodes

Arrested Development! New episodes! Netflix! Blue Man Group! Banana stand! Annyong! Motherboy! Illusions! STEVE HOLT! Are we doing it right? Are you hyped? Are we at peak Tumblr yet? Arrested Development is back, and if you thought ravenous Community fans were grating on social media when awaiting new episodes, then wait’ll you see how the entire Internet reacts to the return of Arrested Development until the new episodes air on Netflix in May. Did I mention the new episodes, all 14 of them, will air on Netflix in May? That’s the important thing. 

Today marked one of the most anticipated panels of the Television Critics’ Association tour, which from (very) afar just seems like Comic-Con with blander outfits, the Arrested Development panel. Now, Arrested Development is a very funny television show, and it’s an almost comforting presence in reruns, but if today is any indication, we will all be sick of hearing about the new episodes of Arrested Development on the Internet long before the May Season 4 premiere, at least those of us who aren’t already. 

The TCA panel ended with a clip of a now-deleted scene from the new season featuring Tony Hale’s Buster and Jessica Walters’ Lucille Bluth,. Everyone got giddy on Twitter about it (Variety‘s Stuart Levine said it was so funny "my eyes were watering"). Apparently there was another one too involving Gob Bluth on a cross. Intriguing. To recap: some people saw a thing in a room, lots of people are excited about this thing, and you are going to hear a lot about this today, tomorrow, and probably through 2014. Have fun, and remember, there is always an "Unfollow" button when you need some sweet release. Also, prepare for a lot of impending trend pieces about AD, Netflix and the future of television, wherein parallels are drawn between Netflix and the banana stand. In that there is money in both of them. 

The clip will probably surface to non-TCA attendees soon, but in the meantime, if you’re still on board or need an AD fix in the meantime, have some Tobias. 

How Are We Dealing With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Wedding?

On Friday morning I wrote about the upsetting news that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have separated. To be honest, I’m still feeling kinda weird about it. But with the death of one marriage comes the birth of another in some odd Hollywood Circle of Life kind of way, because Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married over the weekend. What I’m saying is that the Lively-Reynolds matrimony is like the Simba of Hollywood romance, or something.

Well, just imagine me as the Scar of this marriage because WHO CARES, am I right? Did we even know that they were dating? I did not, and because I’m generally the most important person in the room, I think that speaks volumes of this coupling. I had even forgotten that they were in The Green Magnet or whatever comic book movie it was that came out last year but I didn’t see because it wasn’t Batman-related. And I want to retract any comparison I made above to the lovable and hilarious Poehler and Arnett. I can’t imagine these two giggling about anything other than YouTube videos of hippos with explosive diarrhea. What are these two bringing to the table other than a pair of pretty faces and another addition to the BlackBook Celebrity Divorce Watch?

(Basically, the answer to the question up there? "Not well.")

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How Are We Dealing With Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s Breakup?

Last night as I was tipsily meandering around lower Manhattan, dodging models and other dummies who were celebrating Fashion Night’s Out, which legitimately looked as if there had been some government upheaval and only the most fashionable folks in New York City had heard the news and were rioting in stilettos and blazers, my phone alerted me that I had a new email. And lo, there it was: the news that the greatest celebrity couple since, oh, Brad and Gwyneth (remember when?) were calling it quits.

What’s worse? That my mother broke the news. My mom is more up-to-speed on celebrity breakups than I am, which, I think, makes me a bad blogger. But that pales in comparison to the death of the heart, particularly mine, because how will we ever live? How will we go on?

I asked around this morning. My friend Rebecca told me she was wearing all black today. My pal William refuses to answer my texts. My coworkers all seem to be sluggish and morose, either slumped in their spinning chairs or resting their heads at their desks. And pretty much anyone who has ever taken an improv class has permanently removed his comedy mask and replaced it with his tragedy mask. I can barely find the will to type. What’s the point? What’s the point now that TRUE LOVE HAS PROVEN TO BE FAKE? Also, my dreams of having the most hilarious threesome have now been thwarted. 

It’s too early to drink away my troubles, so I suppose I’ll just run to the Duane Reade, buy a few packages of Gummi Bears, and stress-eat my way through the rest of the day. RIP Love. 🙁

Hey Bros! Join Will Arnett For ‘A Boy’s Minute’

Smart Girls At The Party and Ask Amy are two online webseries that have any lady who even thought about taking a women’s studies class in college panty-dropping for Amy Poehler. But her hubby Will Arnett and his creepy voice will not be second fiddle, goddammit!

Here is Arnett in his new webseries A Boy’s Minute, which is all about boys. He doesn’t dispense any just-us-girls advice like Ask Amy or interview rad young feminists like Smart Girls. But he does throw a football back and forth while playing video games at a poker table. Which you have to admit is really dudely.

Movies Opening This Weekend, In Order of How Much We Love Their Trailers

Some people judge a movie based on reviews, other will go see something just because it features a favorite actor. Here, we’re judging this weekend’s offerings based solely on what we see in the trailers and ranking them accordingly.

Virginia: This Dustin Lance Black-penned family flick looks to have plenty of black humor and oddball antics, though there’s surely a heart of gold somewhere. High points for creative use of Jennifer Connelly, though, and the deployment of gorilla masks. This is the trailer to top this week.

Hysteria: Beneath the frilly costumes and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s admirable attempt to pull off a British accent, this is a movie about vibrators and that seems hilarious. Now we’re not sure that a feature-length film about the antics of a doctor whose only job is to fingerblast nervous patients into a happy haze will work, but for two minutes of trailer, it’s a great idea.

Mansome: A documentary on male grooming from Morgan Spurlock, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, this movie looks very promising based solely on the trailer. We’ve got celebrities talking about body hair, we’ve got extreme modifications and we’ve got the always-moronic musings of Adam Corolla, all of which add up to be an enlightening, weird and exceedingly metrosexual good time.

American Animal: A sick guy on a bender is betrayed by his roommate who… got a job? The premise isn’t quite clear from the trailer, however this SXSW-approved indie looks like a hell of a lot of oddball fun.

Battleship: Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna and Aleksander Skarsgard are on a navy ship when some aliens come knocking… No it’s not a bad joke, it’s an action movie. And despite what the reviews are saying, the trailer manages to deliver some kind of Top Gun meets War of the Worlds excitement that would convince us to see this on.

Beyond The Black Rainbow: No doubt the spookiest trailer for a film opening this week, this look at indie sci-fi joint Beyond The Black Rainbow is weird and exciting to watch but leaves us with no clue about what to expect and even less of an idea why we should part with our time and money to see it.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting: Ladies having babies and going crazy! We’re sure there are some folks out there for whom this is a very exciting film. We are not those people.

David Cross Back on TV

I did a lot of driving this weekend, and in an effort to make the miles pass a little more pleasantly, I picked up the latest David Cross album, Bigger and Blackerer. I’d previously read a disparaging Pitchfork review of it, and was fully prepared to take up the opposite stance. I’m a big fan and I couldn’t (or at least wasn’t willing to) envision a crappy set from the Arrested Development star. After five or so listens, I’m happy to report that it’s pretty good. Not his best, I’ll concede, but certainly not a disappointment either. The bit about Coors Light is genius. Ditto the bit about tea partiers. How Cross manages to sustain his stand-up chops and still do so many acting gigs is something of a mystery to me, but hats off. The guy works a lot, and now TVGuide is reporting that he’s just joined the cast of Fox’s new fall sitcom, Running Wilde.

Cross will play Andy, a radical environmentalist who’s just returned from the Amazon with his fiancé Emmy (Keri Russell). The show also reunites Cross with some of his Arrested Development co-horts, Will Arnett and show creator Mitch Hurwitz. The irony of Cross being on Fox is, I’m sure, not wasted on him. I like to imagine Rupert Murdoch crying as he signs the checks.