Anna Sui, Eugenia Silva, & Whitney Port at the Second Annual WSGN Global Fashion Awards

Last night, fashion elite from across the globe came together for the second Annual WSGN Global Fashion Awards. Honoring everyone from established designers to marketing to teams to design students, the black tie affair was held at breathtaking Gotham Hall in New York City. Sponsored by Swarovski, the Global Fashion Awards have already picked up momentum since their inauguration last year. With over 2,000 submissions from all over the globe, new and established talents alike were reviewed by a panel of 35 influential fashion experts including June Haynes (Senior VP of retail Valentino USA), designer Lisa Ho, Simon Keen (Executive VP of Design, Banana Republic), Dolly Jones (Editor,, and Graeme Fidler & Michael Herz (Creative Directors of Bally).

The night began much like another awards show I attended in April — by interviewing Robert Verdi, who was emceeing this show as well. Robert has been up to a lot since we last spoke. He’s still hosting his radio show, but confessed, “I’m very jealous that I’m not on the Studio 54 Channel.” However, he did get a chance to attend the coveted Studio 54 party this past Wednesday night, and confirmed it was as wild as expected. “It was a fun party. Such a disco. One night only!” Additionally, he’s working on his own accessories and sunglasses line: “I’m launching a jewelry line on November 17th and I’m also launching a sunglasses collection on HSN in February.” We then discussed his amazing spiked Christian Louboutin shoes and how he stalks the hors d’oeuvre trays at parties, of which he said, “I’m a tray chaser. Not a tranny chaser. A tray chaser.” Thanks, Robert, you win the award for Most Outstanding Quote of the Night!

Next I got to chat with Anna Sui, who was presenting an award to Barbara Hulanicki, winner of Outstanding Contribution to Fashion. “I just got back from Toronto from touring for my fragrance and makeup line,” she said. “I just introduced a bedding collection which will launch next year for exclusive accounts and I’m working on my collection for next year.” Where can we find the collection? “I can’t say yet, but it will be for exclusive accounts.” Naturally, Anna travels a lot, so we discussed some of her favorite and most memorable travel experiences: “I work a lot in Asia and Europe, so I travel back and forth a lot to those places, so I like more exotic places [for vacation]. This summer I went to India. I’ve traveled to Egypt and Russia. I just like going to places that are more historic and exotic than just the regular capital cities. At one point I only went to London, Paris and Tokyo and now I like to travel to less expected places.” So what new designers does Anna like? “I’m waiting for the big change. I think [the industry] is changing right now and I think there’s someone who is really going to break through and really knock everyone’s socks off.”

One of the best dressed attendees of the night was Spanish model Eugenia Silva, who graced the room in a muted mint green Gucci dress with asymmetrical sleeves, a Giorgio Armani metal box clutch, and gold Jimmy Choo stilettos. If you thought Eugenia was beautiful externally, she’s also an active philanthropist. “Right now I’m working on the worldwide A.I.D.S fight and a benefit gala on December 1st,” she said. “We are becoming the biggest event in Spain. It’s the third year we’re organizing the event. Last year we got more than 700 thousand dollars. You know, in America, it’s very easy to do, but in Spain it’s very hard, so we’re proud that it’s growing so much. I’m also working to benefit kids in Mexico with Eva Longoria and Antonio Banderas for a gala in Spain. It’s called the Star Light Gala. Last year we got a lot of celebrities to donate money and it all goes to schools for kids in Mexico.” On the modeling end, she works every day and has a blog on Spanish She also dabbles in film: “I have a production company here in New York. My partner is Frida Torresblanco, one of the producers of Pan’s Labyrinth. We’re starting to shoot our first movie in Chile in January. Right now, I’m behind the camera, but you never know.” Given Eugenia is a blogger now, I wanted to know if she was on Twitter: “I don’t want to show too much. I am tweeting. I like it. I think it’s useful but people also get really addicted and also say things they shouldn’t!”

Lastly, I found my way to Whitney Port, who was there to present the Most Influential Designer in Footwear and/or Accessories. Port has launched her own clothing line and is enjoying a successful career in fashion since bursting onto the scene via MTV’s popular reality show The Hills. She wore a stunning floor length cobalt blue Matthew Williamson backless dress paired with Marc Jacobs heels. She accessorized with a crystal encrusted box clutch. In regards to her clothing line, she said, “I just launched my Spring/Summer 2012 line. It’s a lot of florals. Cute, feminine, funky. My favorite piece is an oversized boxy sweater.” And what about having her own accessory line? “Yes, I would love to! That’s definitely something I’d like to do in the future” So how does the jet-setting young designer handle her busy schedule: “I have an amazing support system. I have a big family and great friends who keep in check. I guess I’m a hard worker by nature so I sort of thrive on it and enjoy it.”

With that, we were all ushered into the main ballroom for the awards ceremony, where we were treated to a three course dinner and plenty of wine. Gift bags were stuffed with a We <3 WGSN bag, a Swarovski crystal encrusted flash drive, nail polish by Butter, a giftcard by LDF Floral and Event Design, a Pantone notebook, an Anisa makeup brush, and a copy of Salt Magazine by Swarovski. And like every good award show, charity was present. Trekstock was there to bring awareness to young people with cancer. The charity fundraises through music and fashion to raise awareness and help fund research for youth suffering from cancer. Other sponsors included Lycra, Drapers, TNT, Gerber Technology, Fashion Monitor and World Retail Congress, amongst others.

Net-a-Porter won big, taking home both Best Etailer and the Swarovski Elements Winner of Winners ultimate prize. Breakthrough winners included Michael Cinco and Pretty Green. Favorites like TopShop, H & M,, and Opening Ceremony also won their categories. See the full list of winners and categories here.

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Eugene Remm & Mark Birnbaum’s June 10th Was Better Than Yours

Whenever the 10th of June rolls around I always think: I know this date so well, but how? Cue David Lynch-esque deja-vu music while I think about past lives until I realize, Oh, it’s Tenjune. Right. Eugene Remm & Mark Birnbaum‘s Svedka Vodka Adult Playground 2033 was last night, at Abe & Arthurs—not at Tenjune, because my head would’ve exploded as that very date happens to be both of their birthdays. I’m not sure how I managed to get invited to the club impresarios’ joint birthday jam, what with the likes of Kim Kardashian and DJ Cassidy on the personal guestlist, but it was enough to remind me that I have a lot more to accomplish in my life to deserve a birthday party the size of one called ‘Adult Playground,’ and a lot more to accomplish before my name makes it to the party recap list next to attendees like Whitney Port and Tyson Beckford, and even more to accomplish before Mark and Eugene actually invite me to their soiree. Themselves. Anyway, hopefully all of that happens before 2033, like the Svedka sponsors suggest, but for now, I am just happy I got to see (if not be seen) celebrations for such iconic industry as like Remm and Birnbaum.

Kim was one of those guests who the PR mavens didn’t get a chance to announce was coming, because she just casually popped in to say hello to Mark and Eugene, and to see Jason Derulo, Iyaz, and Chris Willis perform. A couple of other industry insiders were present as well: Sam Nazarian of SBE (and ex to Kristin Cavalari) and real estate heir Matt Moinian, along with Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva were all present to wish the boys well. Guests enjoyed dinner the way only Abe & Arthur’s and Svedka could produce, with fare that included Svedka Mango Tiramisu with Chocolate Lady Fingers dessert. Happy birthday E&M! Thanks for sort of inviting me! image image image

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Posh & Port Accused of Copycatting

The most controversial news surrounding Victoria Beckham today is not in fact her selling of jeans at $485 a pop: it’s the claim that Beckham copied the design of a fellow British designer for her namesake line. “Osman [Yousefzada] first showed his flowing wrapped column dress with internal corset in his autumn/winter 2009-10 collection and, ever since a dress with a similar structure and shape appeared on Victoria Beckham’s New York catwalk in February,” says Vogue UK. There’s no doubt that the dresses are arguably identical, but, fortunately, Yousefzada sees the parallel as a positive. “It is very flattering to think she may have tried my dress and been inspired to create something similar, since it means she must have liked the way the dress was cut and the way it felt to wear,” he told the magazine.

Meanwhile, Whitney Port is coming under fire as a result of similar accusations. Except, Port’s accuser is by no means as understanding as Yousefzada. “According to a lawsuit filed Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, ‘Whitney Eve’ — which is advertised as Whitney Port’s clothing line — is mostly the work of designer Adrienne Baravetto,” says TMZ. Baravetto says she had a verbal agreement with Port and her father to design a line called Eve & A for a salary of $80,000/year and 25% stock in the company. But Port and her father supposedly changed the name of the line and stopped talking to Baravetto once it sold to the likes of Fred Segal.

Baravetto’s twitter bio reads: “fashion designer & stylist, spontaneous traveler, live with no regrets, believer of karma & reason,” no doubt a nod to Port. The website for Eve & A still exists along with a PDF of FW08 designs. While the latter definitely is right in line with Whitney Eve’s various collections, it by no means looks as though it’s a direct rip-off. Common thought within the fashion industry may be that most celebrity ‘designers’ don’t actually design their own lines. While that still may be the case with Whitney Eve, it doesn’t look as though Baravetto can take much credit for fashions that saw the light of day after FW08.

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Whitney Port’s Fashion Line Not Half Bad

The roster of celebrities that have launched side careers as fashion designers is seemingly endless, and that includes a long list of reality TV-starring pseudo-celebs. The Hills cast alone has now produced four separate clothing lines: Lauren Conrad launched LC to little success (she was dropped last year by Kitson, but has since signed a deal with discount retailer Kohls). Audrina Patridge inked a partnership with Divine Rights of Denim (for whom she also models) to co-design a line last fall. And, of course, there’s always Heidi Montag’s line, Heidiwood, which, according to New York Magazine, is downright “unwearable.”


While competition isn’t exactly fierce when it comes to her former reality show cohorts, Whitney Port, who has since left LA’s hills for life in the The City, actually may have a future in fashion. Perhaps it’s her numbered days spent working at DVF (though word has it the blonde has barely lifted a freshly manicured finger in all her time there). But her Fall 09 collection for her namesake fashion line, Whitney Eve, actually has a shot at selling. Port kept things for fall relatively simple, introducing key trend pieces like long blazers, or classics like LBSs and miniskirts. Most of the looks are prime for strutting around the Meatpacking District after-hours; meaning, on top of decent designs, at least Port knows her demographic.

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Whitney Port’s Collection Debuts, Doesn’t Look Good

Brace yourselves. Whitney Port’s debut clothing line has arrived! The line, which may or may not be called “Whitney Eve” (earlier reports were that the line was called “Eve & A”, and the line’s website seems to confirm it) is now available on Kitson’s website. As is visible from the price point, and as Port promised in earlier interviews, the collection is higher-end than her Hills’ co-star and fellow fledgling fashion designer, Lauren Conrad’s namesake line.

So far, it’s not looking good for Port. The clothes are, in the case of the dress pictured here, downright unattractive; not to mention these relatively unimaginative, unrefined dresses are selling for upwards of $500. Looks like there’s a good chance they’ll meet the same demise that Conrad’s clothing did (i.e. being pulled from Kitson’s racks due to poor sales). The good news: there’s hope for Port yet. She is currently honing her fashion PR skills at Diane Von Furstenberg after all.