Miami: Top 5 Indie Havens

imageThere are people who live in Miami and don’t have tans.

1. The Vagabond (Downtown/Brickell ) – Among Miami’s ostentatious club scene. Hipsters mingle with hip-hop and rock ‘n roll lovers in the name of gin and dope beats. 2. The Whitelaw (South Beach) – Hotel Hip, social boutique hotel. Extreme minimalist décor, great bar scene. Peeps with personality, in; prima donnas, out. 3. Magnum Lounge (Wynwood/Design District) – Shady backway entrance, schmaltzy piano bar, dimly lit, screw-the-Bush-administration vibe plus quality neighborhood dining.

4. Cafe Maurice (South Beach) – Perfect for wine after work and a non-greasy late-night bite. Lots of charm packed into a tiny red space. 5. Hotel St. Augustine (South Beach) – In-the-thick- of-it boutique feels blessedly out of the way. BYOB fun at Tangerine Bar.