Tonight: Robert Aloia’s Art Opening at White Rabbit

I am bedridden so this is going to be sort of left unwritten. Tonight there is yet another 2feet@12inches art opening reception. I DJd the last one of these treats by Robert Aloia and crew and it was sold out, got raided, was the most fun. Tonight’s event is at White Rabbit ‘s White Box at 145 Houston Street. The event – curated by Aloia, Bill Spector, Frankie Cedeno, and Laksmi Hedemark – will be one of those great adult events that we so often long for. I’m DJing from 10pm to 11pm if I can make it out of bed. If Shorty, Small Change, Sal Principato, or Julie Covello/ DJ Shakey won’t cover for me, Jazzy Nice, or Greg Poole surely will. I’m excited to see buzz-band Roma and hang with old friend Dominic Chianese. This shindig starts at 6pm and goes to 2am.

I asked Robert Aloia to tell you all about it. 
Why are you curating these shows?
The artists, co-curators, DJs, and performers are all friends and friends-of-friends. Most of them I have worked with in some capacity over the years in nightlife. It’s such an inspiring community of people from all walks of life. Not always smooth-going, but never boring.
What is your background? What makes you think the event is worth doing? What drives you.
Growing up, my brother was an artist, and although I couldn’t always understand what he was doing, I saw the dedication and effort he put forth. It gave me a deep respect for those that choose that path because it’s a huge sacrifice. Eventually ,I found myself immersed in the downtown scene and incessantly learning and growing, and accumulating friends, conspirators, connections, and some enemies.
Ultimately, where will this lead you?
Coming up in NYC nightlife, I’ve always been surrounded by artists of all types. What we are attempting to do is bridge the party scene and gallery scene, with a heavy nod to old-school NYC.
During the first days of setting up a show, I wonder why it is I chose to do this. It’s often excruciating and rarely profitable. But by the end, the gratitude and camaraderie among everyone involved – from artists to attendees – is truly uplifting.
Where will this lead me? I’m in a unique place to not have to answer to anybody, while being able to tax my connections to do the impossible. So until the bubble bursts, I’m gonna dream big.

Book Your Next Holiday with “Abidin Travels”

imageIf you’re flirting with the idea of jetting over to Baghdad — if only to gloat with your high society friends that you’ve seen a city in the throes of conquest and war — then perhaps you should consult Abidin Travels, as the AAA is sure to laugh you out of their offices. An elaborately conceived piece of concept art inspired by the ongoing turmoil in the region, “Abidin Travels” is the brainchild of Adel Abidin. Its novel approach sets Abidin apart from artists like David LaChapelle. Abidin doesn’t belabor the bloodshed, gore, and abysmal outlook. Instead, he dresses up the gallery space at New York’s White Box as a travel agency.

“Abidin Travels,” as this makeshift agency is called, includes racks of travel brochures, a travel website, and an office with agents attempting to sell real vacations in Iraq. This travel agency is essentially a send-up of the purported stability that theoretically characterizes Baghdad despite the city’s volatile war-ravaged reality. “Abidin Travels” opens next week and runs through October 23.