Beat Connection Brings Their Dreamy Sounds to Brooklyn

Last Thursday was a good night for electro-pop at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, with a more than respectable line-up. Soulful Brooklyn weirdo Rioux kicked off the evening, followed by Teen Daze’s blissed-out atmospherics. White Arrows brought their glitchy, punchy pop songs all the way from California.

The endlessly charming Beat Connection headlined the night. With immersive, dreamy compositions on songs like “Saola,” “Think/Feel,” and “The Palace Garden,” the title track from their forthcoming debut LP, the Seattle quartet hits the sweet spot. The band’s still growing, as they noted this was their first-ever sold-out show, but more people are bound to catch on soon.

The Palace Garden is out August 6 on Tender Age/Classic Ills. Beat Connection are continuing to tour the US, dates here.

Top 3: Mickey Schiff of White Arrows

LA-based White Arrows are a lo-fi electronic band with a sound fit for a psychedelic dream sequence. And while their goal is to take you to another place sonically, they want you to see it, too. “Visual aesthetic is of great importance to us,” says Mickey Schiff, the singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and guitarist for the band. “When we jam, it’s a coming together of not just the audio senses, but also the visual. Our band mate Jesse Nikette invented a device called the Spangler, which triggers customized visuals that are controlled by him live. He’s the Lite-Arrow in White Arrows.” Mickey’s brother, Henry, and half-brother J.P. Caballero, along Damon Kellard, Steven Vernet, and Rob Banks, make up the band, and together they’re not only making good music, but also getting love from the fashion set for their offbeat personal style—especially Mickey’s.

“No one can hate on the tropical vibe,” Mickey explains of his Grandpa-isn’t-the-only-one-who-can-rock-Tommy-Bahama approach to fashion. “The more I began to wear tropical and patterned shirts, the more I felt it represented me. I’m not sure if I projected a state of mind on the shirts, or if the shirts projected an island attitude onto me.” Just like his music, Mickey has an uncontrived look—a result of his time spent on both coasts living (born in LA) and studying (graduated from NYU). “NYC has an ability to be so shocking that nothing shocks you anymore, which is great for being uninhibited in how you live,” he explains. “LA is more conscious of the way you present yourself. I just believe that whatever you decide to wear, you should feel comfortable in it.” I think he might be onto something. Hawaiian Shirt Fridays, anyone?


1. Reyn SpoonerTropical Shirt – “I have multiple shirts at this point. I bought some at flea markets, some at vintage stores, and some found me. It’s hard to be upset when you’re wearing something so lighthearted. Therapy or Tropical Crunk? You decide.”

2. SperryTop-Sider Boat Shoe – “They’re the easiest shoes to put on. Classic style and waterproof.”

3. Spirit ConnectionBandana Pocket Square – “I love everything from the southwest, and it’s functional. Bruce Springsteen carried a red one in his back pocket, too. It just makes sense.”

For more on White Arrows, visit their MySpace page or catch their live show at Spaceland every Monday in August.