Hear James Murphy Cover David Bowie’s Golden Years

After having its New York premiere at NYFF back in the fall, Noah Baumbach’s latest film While We’re Young will head into theaters on March 27. Starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried (with a score by James Murphy), the film centers around a middle-aged husband and wife whose lives spiral into an existential crisis after befriending a free-spirited younger couple. Comparing their own world to that of the spontaneous and youthful pair, their seemingly content lives are brought into question.

Possessing Baumbach’s signature wit and flair for bringing comedy into even the most dramatic of circumstances, the film’s tone is only enhanced by the work of musician James Murphy, who composed the original score for the film. Below you can listen to one of James Murphy’s tracks off the soundtrack, titled “We Used to Dance.” It’s a beautifully composed instrumental number that, with its swirling soundscapes, sends a shiver down your spine and a spark in your heart. And today, you can also hear Murphy cover of David Bowie’s “Golden Years,” for the film. Get excited for the film and enjoy the music below.

Listen to “We Used to Dance” HERE