BlackBook Premiere: The Kooks’ ‘Westside’ Gets a Glistening ’80s Frank De Wulf Remix

Ahead of The Kooks’ forthcoming Hello, What’s Your Name? remix album, slated for release Dec. 4 via Lonely Cat Records, we have an exclusive first listen of Frank De Wulf’s take on “Westside.” Once a bright, guitar-driven track the band described as a nostalgic dance floor filler, has become a soaring ’80s-infused anthem, dripping with droning synthesizers. It’s a fitting treatment, coming from the Belgian DJ who’s regarded as a pioneer for the region’s original techno scene decades ago.

The idea for this remix album spawned after The Kooks spent time in New York, where they heard a number of DJs remixing songs from their 2014 album Listen. Seeing how listeners passionately responded to more uptempo interpretations of their originally rock-oriented songs inspired the UK band to create an entire full-length body of work celebrating the power of a remix.

Stream the BlackBook premiere of Frank De Wulf’s “Westside” remix, below, and check out the album’s tracklist, which has been carefully assembled to bring out the best in The Kooks’ entire discography. 



Hello, What’s Your Name?


1. Creatures of Habit (Jack Beats Remix)

2. Bad Habit (Apexape Remix)

3. Sweet Emotion (Montmartre Remix)

4. Are We Electric (Kideko Remix)

5. Westside (Frank De Wulf Remix)

6. Sunrise (Midnitemen Remix)

7. Around Town (Max Pask & ‘Spiky’ Phil Meynell Remix)

8. Backstabber (XKH Remix)

9. Murdered & Downer (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Remix by the Amorphous Androgynous)

10. Forgive & Forget (Isabella ‘Machine’ Summers Remix)


Bonus Tracks


11. Westside (The Nextmen Remix)

12. Are We Electric (Kove)

13. Down (The Reflex Remix)

14. Dreams (DJ Pierre Remix)

15 Forgive & Forget (Atlas Genius Remix) – Digital only