From Westminster to Broadway: Banana Joe Graces Stage of ‘Edwin Drood’

I’m willing to bet that a Venn diagram showing fans of the Westminster Dog Show and Broadway musicals has a pretty large center, so it doesn’t particularly surprise me that Banana Joe, the affenpinscher named Best in Show last night at the venerable kennel club’s dog show, will be getting his own walk-on in the second act of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He’ll literally be swooped on stage by star Stephanie J. Block (bad news for Macaco, the dog Block usually carries with her) at tonight’s performance at Studio 54. Is this the first time someone (or something) named Banana Joe has visited Studio 54? I highly doubt it.

[via NYT]

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Why This Monday Rocks: Tonight’s Top Events

So it’s the first day of the work week and there are four more days to go. I get it. But why ruminate when you can start to make Mondays the best night of the week? This weekly column is devoted to finding the best events across NYC hosted by individuals and places that are doing amazing, crazy, wild, sexy things on Monday nights. And I am here to honor them. From Tony Award-winning shows to chocolate desserts, here are tonight’s top events.

Watch dogs show off their stuff:
Shampooed, manicured dogs and their owners get competitive tonight and tomorrow at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where 3,000 dogs of 187 breeds stroll across the carpeting as they’re judged across seven divisions, such as toy, terrier, hound, and sporting. Expect lots of owners in pencil skirts and bowties, and nonstop canine cuteness. Airing live from Madison Square Garden tonight, 8pm, CNBC & Tuesday, 8pm, USA. All info here.

See the reunion concert of a Tony Award-winning Broadway show:
In the Heights – the exuberant 2008 musical about three days in the life of Washington Heights residents – returns to New York for a one-night-only concert performance featuring nearly all of the original cast. Written and starring renaissance man Lin-Manuel Miranda (our interview here), this is one of Broadway’s most ebullient shows. A must for not only theatre-lovers, but simply anyone who loves this city. Tonight, 8pm, United Palace Theatre, 4140 Broadway. Tickets & info here.

Eat tons of rarely available chocolate:
Chocolate Week 2013 continues on until Wednesday the 13th, just before V-Day. Participating restaurants and chocolatiers –  such as French spots A.O.C. in the West Village and Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill – are offering special, rarely available desserts like chocolate lava cake and chocolate creme petit pot. Couple this with Valentine’s and there is absolutely no hope for a diet. And that’s just fine. From now until Wednesday the 13th. All details here

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Why Dogs’ Show Names Are So Weird

Ever since Christopher Guest roundly mocked the cult of canine worshippers who attend the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in Best in Show, we’ve harbored a certain fondness for the motley types who enjoy nothing more than peering up a dog’s snout or inspecting its furry hindquarters. Yesterday’s top prize at the 135th-annual awards was nabbed by Hickory the Scottish Deerhound, or “Foxcliffe Hickory Wind.” The Virginia bitch beat out other Best in Breed competitors like “Fireside’s Spontaneous Combustion” and “Redclay Dreamboat Lieutenant Disher.” Wait, what?

As evidenced in a slideshow on the Times today, dogs’ show names are totally insane. A little research reveals that this isn’t just an expression of bestial eccentricity: there are rules, rules about “Liontame’s 1-800-Hotsfuff.” Within the Mad Libs-like crapshoot is a complex system of coding. The animals’ names should contain the following information: their kennel; references to important ancestors; a “call name” (eg Spot) that doesn’t rhyme with any of the actual calls (sit, stay) or that might risk embarrassing anyone. Lastly, it’s got to be totally original. I guess that explains “Lennox Love Susqudilla’s Mini Cooper.”