New Image of Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace; Biopic Set for Sundance Premiere

Yesterday we brought you the fifteen movies we’re most excited about at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, but it seems we forgot one big one: Lovelace, the biopic about Linda Lovelace and her starring turn in the classic ’70s porno Deep Throat. Stills from the film have been trickling online in the fast few months (and there’s something about that phrase that makes me a little uncomfy considering the subject matter of the film), but a new image of Amanda Seyfried in the titular role’s groovy hairdo popped up this morning.

Entertainment Weekly shares the image as well as more details about the film, which has an impressive cast assembled.

Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria (in the directors chair), Robert Patrick, Bobby Cannavale (partially obscured in the upper right corner), and Chris Noth (standing beside the camera) co-star in Lovelace. Peter Sarsgaard also stars as Lovelace’s husband, Chuck Traynor, the man she later claimed abused her and coerced her into the porn world. James Franco will appear as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and Adam Brody (seated in the chair) is fellow porn actor Harry Reems.

Will Lovelace be a hit? Few movies have been able to capture the essence of porn the way that Boogie Nights did nearly sixteen (sixteen! it’s been that long!) years ago. It’ll definitely be a movie to keep an eye on. 

Check out the new still below:


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Wes Bentley Admits Drugs Torpedoed His Career

We never really knew why Wes Bentley never fulfilled the promise he showed in American Beauty. Four Feathers was bad, but it wasn’t a career killer. And yet somehow, Bentley managed to transform himself into a Hollywood cautionary tale: How to Disappear. But a surprising new profile in the New York Times reveals it wasn’t the scripts that were bad (although Ghost Rider was very, very bad), it was the drugs.

The piercingly blue-eyed actor says he was so overwhelmed with his overnight success that he turned to drugs and alcohol. But drugs and alcohol in young Hollywood are like food and water everywhere else, so what made Bentley different from any other sudden acting sensation with a coke habit and money to burn? We’re actually not really sure. A lack of support, maybe? Bentley says that after the success of Beauty, he moved into a “group house” with other budding thespians. That’s a recipe for disaster, and eventually “heroin had him completely.”

Anyone who’s watched an episode of Entourage knows that in Hollywood, you’re only as hot as your next project, and that fame is something that needs to be both controlled and nurtured. According to one of Bentley’s friends, there was a “sense among Wes and others that once they got their break, the jobs and scripts would just keep coming.” At one point, Bentley came face-to-face with potential career salvation when he met with Gus Van Sant to discuss a role in some gay cowboy movie. Ironically, it was Bentley’s Four Feathers costar Heath Ledger who performed career resuscitation with that picture.

The article goes on to describe Bentley’s shocking descent towards rock bottom—”From 2002 to 2009, Mr. Bentley said, he stopped caring about acting, and only did the occasional film for money to pay bills or buy drugs.” It’s shocking because, well, who knew? And speaking of bottom, that’s exactly where Bentley is starting his comeback effort. He’s currently one of two leads in Venus in Fur, an Off Broadway production that’s received positive reviews. As far as a sweeping comeback is concerned, Bentley certainly doesn’t have the talent of a Robert Downey or the magnetism of a Mickey Rourke. But we’ll be damned if he wasn’t the best part of American Beauty, and that’s something.