This Strange Weekend Ahead

There is a consistent desperation in the voices of friends and promoter-types; the summer seems to be grasping for straws or gasping for air or fill-in-your-own-saying/proverb. Mark Ronson is at The Montauk Beach House tonight. I asked a honcho over there what the game plan was for rain on a big event at their big pool party, and was told "we don’t have one…it hasn’t happened yet.” I love that attitude. But what can be done short of enclosing the whole place in a retractable dome? At beach retreats, rain-outs are part of the landscape.

I’m staying in Brooklyn tonight…maybe. I might slip into the city for Frankie Sharp’s escapades at XL. He’s in the Lounge of this chic playpen with the amazing Lady Bunny. They have Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race and performances by Ebonee Ecxell and Epiphany Get Paid. Amanda Lepore and Marco Ovando are in the big room. As I keep saying: keep your eye on Frankie Sharp. He’s an up-and-comer.

I’ll probably stay near home in BBurg…maybe. I am totally psyched to attend the One Year Anniversary of Eight of Swords, 8pm to 11pm, 115 Grand Street, Brooklyn. There will be live performances by CornMo, Wi Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne, sword-swallowing and fire-eating by the fabulous Lady Aye, and my friends from The Love Show. The group art show entitled “Hitmen and Harlots” will feature work from "over 35 tattoo artists, photographers, graphic artists, and fine artists including: Diana Brozek, Diana More, Jess Versus, Karen Rockower Glass, Kati Vaughn, Linda Wulkan, Mike Suarez, Nalla Smith, Nyahzul, Sweety, Tasha Rubinow, Woodz, Wyatt Mills, Zoe Bean, Nash Hogan, Mia Graffam, Adam Korothy, D.C.Wallin, Dan Bones, Drew Linden, Fred Harper, Gerald Feliciano, Guy Ursitti, Jim Gentry, Joey Wilson, Liz Huston, Molly Crabapple, Sara Antoinette Martin, Sara Best, Sarah Rockower, Sophie C’est la Vie, and others."

I caught Top Gun at McCarren Park Wednesday night, which completely reaffirmed my love for the borough. We headed to Williams Candy in Coney Island to stock up on caramel apples and gooey cashew treats. Next week, it’s Empire Records. The week after: Raising Arizona.

Elvis’s Former Gravesite And Other Totally Creepy Pop Music Auction Items

Sometimes, people want to get really, really close to the high-profile icons that inspire them. In the days of old, hair, teeth and other body parts of the saints were encased in beautiful reliquaries that can still be seen in museums and houses of worship all over the world. But this is 2012, so people just pay exorbitant amounts of money to get closer to the deceased instead.

Beverly Hills-based auction house Julien’s will be hosting an auction this June featuring the usual run of sport and entertainment memorabilia: a robe worn by Amy Winehouse in the “Rehab” video; some of Michael Jordan’s sneakers. But the object that has garnered the most attention (and for obvious reasons) is a crypt that once housed the body of the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Elvis Presley. Prior to his permanent resting place at Graceland, Elvis’ body was held in a mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, which can now, apparently, be yours.

Hair: In addition to hair from the King himself (man, Elvis fans will take whatever they can, eh?), clumps of famous rock follicles tend to be popular auction items. In 2009, Ralph Cohen, who produced the now-infamous Pepsi television spot in which Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire during the shoot, offered up a clump of the King of Pop’s singed hair at a London auction, with the bidding beginning at $1,600. Last year, a much younger pop icon found his locks on the auction block: Justin Bieber gave a little bit of his distinctive ‘do to Ellen DeGeneres in a signed box. The TV host took the Bieb’s blond clips and auctioned them off on eBay to benefit the Gentle Barn, an animal rescue organization.

Teeth: We’re not sure which is strangest: the fact that John Lennon’s cavity-addled tooth was put up for auction at $16,000, the fact that people out there were willing to buy it or that the tooth first came into the possession of Lennon’s housekeeper, Dorothy Jarlett, at a time when rock stars were giving their teeth to the help and their fans as souvenirs. How would that conversation even work? “You’ve been great and I know how much you loved A Hard Day’s Night… how about helping yourself to one of me incisors? It’s a gift!”

Toast: From one generation of boy band to another, fans sure love placing bids on toast. In 2006, a half-eaten piece of French toast consumed by one Justin Timberlake fetched more than three grand courtesy of a teenage N’Sync fan. Last month, history repeated itself: when X-Factor heartthrobs One Direction went on tour in Australia. When the band appeared on Aussie morning talk show Sunrise, Niall Horan (the blond one) took a bite out of a piece of toast covered in Vegemite and did not enjoy said bite. The not-quite-complete piece of toast was put up on eBay, going for more than $100,000 AUD. For toast. In both cases, the proceeds went to charity. As long as nobody tried to eat them, we guess.