Everyone Goes On The Record To Diss Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner made a mistake. Or several. But to err is human, am I right? I’m pretty much over Weinergate. What’s more annoying than that scandal is the ongoing talk about the man’s return to the spotlight. As with Jonah Lehrer, it’d be nice if Weiner languished in obscurity a bit longer—and his former colleagues agree.

In this tremendous New York Times article looking back at Weiner’s time as a member of the House of Representatives, everyone comes out of the woodwork to slam the guy. Let’s enjoy a few choice quotes out of context, shall we? 

“It was like he had a megaphone surgically attached to his mouth,” said former Representative Zachary T. Space, Democrat of Ohio.

This is a procedure he may actually want to consider? 

In a car, he was difficult. Mr. Weiner would take the front passenger seat, argue over directions and insist on making every yellow light, pointing to the car ahead and declaring: “If he makes it, you make it.”

Ah, I see: he thinks he lives in a do-or-die game of Mario Kart.

“It was like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ ” recalled Stacey E. Fitzpatrick, a lawyer in Seattle who worked for Mr. Weiner on the City Council.

The old standby.

Mr. Weiner’s bills … seldom went anywhere: “He just never tried,” one former senior aide said. “The point was to be able to say he introduced a bill.”

This reminds me of scrawling a bunch of stuff that looked like math on my algebra homework and then telling the teacher I "tried." Oh, Weiner. Why didn’t anyone like you? Offline, that is. 

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