Hang Your Coat: 21 Club Goes Casual This Month

Starting today, 21 Club has loosened its cravat and relaxed its dress code, which means for the entire month of August you can hang your jacket up at home and hit up the iconic spot in your summer chic. The actual 21 Club dining area will be closed for the restaurant’s typical “summer vacation,” but the Bar ‘21’ and Lounge will remain open from 4:30 till around 11pm for anyone who wants to imbibe in style, but without their usual jackets-for-men policy. Based on a recent dress code piece I wrote, I assume they will also be lax on things like sneakers, though I wouldn’t attempt to wear jeans, guys.

But that’s not all for the Bar ‘21’; beginning next week, each Wednesday this month, they will host a series of free demonstrations at the bar (Bar ‘21′, as it is) between 6 and 8pm. On August 8, you can learn to make Mayan-style guacamole and ceviche while downing happy hour margaritas. August 15 features chef John Greeley, who will talk about making pulled pork sandwiches. If you want to learn about Buffalo wings, Greeley shows you how to make sauces and pairs them with summer brews. Finally, the last event of the summer showcases the venue’s bartenders and their mad mixology skills. After August, 21 Club reopens and the jackets have to come back on again. But that’s okay, but September it might be cool enough to need one.