Love Hits Fashion: Chanel Iman Says Yes To A$AP Rocky + Tom Ford Gets Hitched

Tom Ford quietly married his partner of 27 years, Richard Buckley, in the US, announcing the marriage at an Apple store event in London. The couple has one son together, one and a half year old Alexander John Buckley Ford.

Page Six (so take that as you will) reports that Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky are secretly (well not anymore!) engaged. Chanel hasn’t been seen with a ring just yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing what kind of diamond the styled rapper comes up with for the model.

Congrats all around.

Image: A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman at the 2013 MTV Awards

Possible Wedding Date Doesn’t Like Murder, Likes Photoshop

Weddings can be really hard, you guys! They’re hard when you’re the person planning them, but often can be just as trying is merely attending the affair. There’s the out-of-town arrangements, the booking of hotels and flights and rental cars because they decided to get married on a ranch in East Jesus Nowhere, Georgia, the nagging cognitive dissonance that comes with supporting the worst parts of the wedding-industrial complex and, of course, trying to coordinate with a date, if you’ve got that going on.  

The team at Gawker found this simple, but kind of trainwreck-amazing Craigslist ad of a twentysomething D.C. man looking for a date to a wedding. Things got bad (we do not speak of her name), so he’s crowd-sourcing a stranger with the help of a simple list and some bad but also amazing Photoshops of him on a horse on a lion. Also, he “doesn’t like murder.” So, you’re okay.  The ad reads as follows:

“Due to a last minute cancellation (we do not speak of her name) I’m resorting to the powers of Craigslist to help me find a date for a wedding this weekend in Lexington, VA (i had to google it as well). If you’re still reading here are the facts and why you should come:

  • you only yolo once
  • you get to wear a dress
  • open bar & food all night
  • you get to pop n lock it w me on the dance floor (see pic 2)
  • i can fly (see pic 3)
  • I tend to ride a lion on top of horse (see pic 4)

more fun facts about your potential date:

  • I have a degree
  • I have a job
  • I am a clean man
  • I have never been arrested
  • I don’t like murder

Looking for a well-rounded young lady that is educated, can dance, and is at least 21.

if interested you should please provide:

  • a selfie
  • brief resume
  • your favorite color”

He looks like he has some pretty solid dance moves, and there will be an open bar, so it doesn’t sound like the worst option, really. So if you feel like high-tailing it to Lexington, Virginia this weekend, you know who to call. You may even get to ride a lion on a horse.

[via Gawker]

Informal Poll: What’s YOUR Favorite Part of This NYT Wedding Announcement?

We know, we know. At this point, scoping out and tracking ridiculous line items in New York Times wedding announcements is so commonplace it’s practically a league-commissioned sport. (Literally. The incomparable Katie Baker over at Grantland even uses a sabermetrics-style system to measure the nuptial notices.) But yesterday, like many of you, we came across the jaw-dropping announcement of Sage Mehta and Michael Robinson, which is a doozy. Using the Baker System, I counted 32 points, including "Facebook," "first novel," "Maine," "rabbi," "yoga" and "ski trips" mentions from the grab-bag pile. And that’s probably lowballing it. 

Even without quantifying the thing, though, it’s still full of gems. Seriously, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite? Tell us your favorite. A few of mine: 

  • "In conversation, their sentences are grammatical and lovely and often sound as if previously written, if not rewritten."
  • "They ran into each other at a ‘huge party given by three very popular Princeton girls,’ she said."
  • "He arrived on a black Bianchi bicycle, and this time she felt sparks."
  • "He likes modern chairs and couches, partly because they are often uncomfortable and keep him from falling asleep while reading."
  • "Without exactly discussing it, they began living together." (What does this even meeeeean?) 

Maybe the people who poke fun at this are just bitter or jilted or feel some satisfaction poking at the happiness of others. Maybe we shouldn’t get such weird satisfaction at this weird voyeuristic ritual that is making fun of the couples in the NYT wedding announcements. But "very popular Princeton girls?" The Bianchi bicycle at Lucien? Modern chairs? Come on, man. We wish the happy couple well, and please forgive this, but oy with the wedding announcements that sound like they were built from lost Wes Anderson movie ideas. 

Grown-Ups Dress Like Disney Characters in Themed Weddings

I don’t want to be the kind of guy who actively makes fun of weddings (I already have four to go to this year in various part of the country, and as much as I love my dear friends I have to say that FOUR IS TOO MANY, and I bet they’ve all conspired against me). And, look, I love a theme party. But can’t we all agree that theme parties and weddings are two separate entities and those things should stay far, far, farrrrrrr away from each other? Because sometimes things get out of hand and suddenly you’re in a mermaid wedding dress and someone is combing your hair with a fork and your bridesmaids are dressed as Disney princesses and you’re being married by a guy in Mickey Mouse ears, and eventually someone is going to have to remind you that you are, in fact, an adult. 

[via The Knot]

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This Wedding Video Sure Is… Somethin’

When I opened this video and started watching it last night, my jaw dropped pretty quickly, probably somewhere around the Martin Luther King, Jr. reference. My boyfriend said, "Now, hold on. Remember that this was the best day of someone’s life before you completely trash it." So, yes, congrats to the lovely couple. And I bet this wedding was pretty fun if I was lucky enough to be there! But man, it’s kinda crazy that I can’t even get married in a lot of places but this kinda thing goes on, huh? OK, sorry, that was uncalled for. That’s not constructive dialogue! But, huh, all those bridesmaids? That’s like an army. A really pink army. And man, you people have entirely too much money that you don’t know what to do with it, huh? Hmm.


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‘Les Misérables’ Wedding Flash Mob Hopefully Puts End To Wedding Flash Mobs

Remember that scene at the beginning of Love Actually where the guy plans the spontaneous wedding ceremony musical performance for his best friend and also Keira Knightley who he’s been in love with forever? Of course you do. Now think about how many well-meaning best men and maids of honor and other well wishers have tried to imitate that moment, especially in the age of YouTube, where weddings have become a theatrical affair of a different kind with choreographed dances down the aisle and whatnot.

And speaking of weddings becoming theatre, the anticipation of a certain big-budget movie musical has clearly seeped into one wedding, where Danish couple Suzanne and Sune Vibaek Svankeier, at their reception at the Worker’s Museum in Copenhagen, were greeted with a rousing rendition of a workers’ anthem from Les Misérables. In the video, which already has amassed views in the six figures on the YouTubes, guests stand one by one and belt out a surprisingly stirring rendition of “One Day More.” It’s not exactly “A Heart Full of Love,” but the guests dig it, the bride and groom are touched and the ending involves confetti.

This video isn’t without a few questions though. The performance is referred to as a “flash mob,” but is it really? It contains a rehearsed performance that appears spontaneous and is meant to surprise and enchant (although many may just inspire eye-rolls), but doesn’t a flash mob require mostly strangers getting together in, well, a mob? And then disappearing? And how does one couple know this many people who can sing that decently? And, more importantly, will this lead to even more Les Misérables wedding serenades, though of a decidedly lesser caliber? Watch.

If The Mayans Are Wrong, You’ll Be Able to Get Married at a Vegas Denny’s in 2013

According to some conspiracy theorists that are taking the Mayan prophecy so seriously the Mayans are actually all, like, “knock it off, bro” now, the world is in ending in 19 days. Assuming this prediction is, in fact, incorrect, lovers from all over the world will be able to tie the knot in the way they’d always imagined—in a wedding chapel at the new Neonopolis Denny’s in Las Vegas. Knowing this now, we’d imagine more Americans are hoping that perhaps the Mayans are right after all.

The Denny’s “Diner of the Future” opened at Neonopolis a couple of weeks ago, so patrons can enjoy their Hobbit Holes and Shire Sausage (as well as more classic diner items) in a bright, futuristic yellow edifice with contemporary-looking décor, a bar, a photo booth and as of around Valentine’s Day 2013, a chapel where impulsive lovers can tie the knot and attack each other with cake made from miniature Pancake Puppies.

This certainly isn’t the weirdest wedding chapel in a city full of totally weird wedding chapels. And this isn’t the weirdest food-service establishment in which one can get married. Voodoo Doughnut in Portland has a licensed minister on staff; Waffle House weddings have been a thing. But combining the weird dining establishment wedding and the weird Vegas wedding chapel creates this sort of canary yellow, Grand Slam-devouring mutant of weird wedding location stories. We kind of can’t wait to read about the first couple that gets hitched at this thing, but at the same time, perhaps not.

For more images and information from Vegas’ latest foray into fine American dining, Eater Las Vegas has been tracking the whole thing and has a gallery up with plenty of futuristic décor for those who may be looking for the perfect venue.

Picking Out The Perfect Wedding Dress With The DIY Bride

Heyyyyy, ladies! I’m sure you all know that not only is your wedding day the most important day of your life, should you not have a wedding then you are a complete failure as a human being (until, of course, you are unable to conceive children) (or, until you are unable to balance a work life and a home life at the same time) (what the hell is wrong with you, do you not want to have it all?). Luckily for you, the DIY Bride is back to help you with this important, momentous occasion that will ultimately be the greatest indicator of your personal success and happiness! This week, the wedding expert shares a checklist for finding the perfect dress.

Obviously, the wedding dress is the centerpiece of the ceremony and, naturally, the marriage itself. If you screw up your dress, you’re likely to screw up your relationship with your perfect man. I’m sure most of you are thinking, "So, like, I just have to worry about it being strapless or sequined or white or off-white, depending on my sexual history and the judgment likely to come from the groom’s extended family members from the South?" Oh, you silly ladies, there’s so much more for you to worry about! 

Check out the video below!

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Eleven Excuses to Celebrate at Terranea Resort

There are some key moments in life when you feel inspired to do something really great; like when you graduate college, take that first 8am sip of an iced coffee, or get a really uplifting quote on the inside of your Dove chocolate wrapper. For me, a moment came just last week, when I was observing a wedding and a 50th birthday party, all from a patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a pool, a spa, a set of mountains, and a sunset. The location: Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, just 40 minutes south of Los Angeles. And when you’re at a sprawling oceanfront resort surrounded by celebrations, you just feel inspired to make your own.

At Terranea, celebrations are everywhere, and every cranny of the seven dining spots, three pools, 225 fire pits, and 582 rooms (starting at $425/night) is abuzz with a "life-is-good" hominess that makes you not want to leave. Which is why many of the guests—mostly unassuming millionaires—don’t, and decide to buy one of the jacuzzi-and-fireplace-stocked casitas or villas for sale on the property. Beyond the scenery and accommodations is a menu list of adventures known as "Pointe Discovery" activities, where guests can hitch a ride on a horse, explore sea life in the tidal pools, meet some falcons, hike, kayak, and more.

Need an excuse to visit Terranea? Maybe a tailored itinerary, too? Try one of these, and begin The Terranea Experience.

You’re Days Away From Getting Married: Your single days are numbered, so grab your girlfriends, and share one of the 1,100-square-foot Spa Club Bungalows right by the ocean. Included in that $1,215 ticket are free meals at the Spa Café, free use of the spa pool and amenities, 10 percent off spa/salon services, and 10 percent off cabana rentals. You’ll also get a personal concierge, so you can start getting used to bossing someone around all the time.

You Can’t Remember When You Last Vacationed: Leave work behind and live it up in one of Terranea’s oceanside 900-square-foot suites with a private patio, living room, and stone master bathroom. If you can make it out of your suite, head over to Nelson’s; a stone and wood-beam sports bar restaurant that sits right by the ocean – for a beer, shrimp taco, and an outdoor table by the sunset, all while getting reacquainted with your social life. 

Winter Isn’t Fun Anymore: With its three heated pools (family, adult, and spa), hot tubs, saunas, and fire pits, you can catch a lot of warmth at Terranea, no matter the weather. Then, when you’re complaining about how hot summer is, you’ll be glad the ocean and cold plunge pool at the spa is nearby.

Your First Weekend Without The Kids: Just take any room that’s available and get out ASAP for heaven’s sake. Have a couple of beers and a sunset dinner at Nelson’s, race each other in kayaks, swim in the adults-only pool, dress up for some seafood at Mar’sel, and end each night with s’mores by a fire pit.

Wait, You Had To Bring The Kids: Go for Pointe Discovery’s horseback riding adventure at Wagon Wheel Ranch and get a view of all of LA—from Malibu to Long Beach—right on your thoroughbred. Refuel at the kid-safe, all-day dining spot Catalina Kitchen, just steps from the family pool. Then, drop them off at The Tidal Pool Kids Club for a day and evening of nonstop themed activities and projects, while you get multiple reflexology and shiatsu massages.

You’re Bored of Malibu: Whether you’re sick of living or vacationing there, sometimes it’s just really nice to get out of LA and go somewhere not too far away that still feels uncharted. Recapture the charm with a guestroom that overlooks the ocean, and begin your day at the quaint and warm café Sea Beans—where a cappuccino keeps you buzzed for hours, and a lemon blueberry scone is the size of a pizza slice—but better.

You Just Wanna See Some Ocean, Dammit: Okay, this is really easy. Reserve any of the oceanside or oceanview rooms, and eat at Mar’sel and Nelson’s for every meal. Sit by the spa pool facing the water, and in the afternoon, book a tidal pooling Pointe Discovery trek with Sean, where you’ll discuss Taoism and Hawaii, in the midst of jumping into the cove and sticking your fingers in Hoover-sucking sea anemone.

You’re Going to Propose: If she won’t say yes here, then you’re out of luck. Make it special with a couples’ Signature Treatment Suite at the spa, and an oceanside king room, a platter of fresh oysters from Catalina Kitchen’s Friday night seafood buffet, and rose petals, and sprawl on the bed in just a robe and… KIDDING, JUST KIDDING. But really though, that’s a very good deal.

You’re On a Seafood Binge: When you’re surrounded by ocean on three sides, you can’t go wrong with ordering seafood, which is why every dining spot at Terranea offers some edible form of sea creature. To make the most of it, arrive on Friday and head to Catalina Kitchen’s weekly seafood buffet. Then make your way to the spa on Saturday, and pick up a lunchbox full of coriander-crusted tuna rolls and Thai-style shrimp salad. For dinner, check out Terranea’s fine-dining spot Mar’sel for their wild Alaskan halibut, or the crispy walnut shrimp at Asian fusion spot Bashi. Then wake up on Sunday for Catalina Kitchen’s buffet seafood-filled brunch. Vacationing is fun!

You’re Having a Quarter-Life Crisis: Give yourself some time to think and overanalyze the meaning of your life with Pointe Discovery’s painting by the sea and a hike to the Point Vicente Lighthouse. Who cares how long the trek is? It’s not the destination, but the journey that counts. HAHA.

You’re Sick of Everyone: Four words—falconry and horseback riding. Just stick with the animals.

Terranea Resort