Why Rain Is Great News For Nightlife

As operators and employees gripe about the weather forecast, I see a silver lining in all these clouds: the weather may keep people from scooting off to oceans far away and also stop them from energy-burning daytime activities. Clubs may pack with rain refugees. The Hamptons may get washed out, the Jersey shore will surely suffer. Plus, my flowers are loving it.

This column must note the engagement of my pal Allegra Riggio to Mad Men and Sherlock Holmes actor Jared Harris. Allegra is a lighting designer known to clubland, and is an all-around beautiful person. She is gushing and spouting on social media. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. I have RSVPd to a little soiree she is hosting and will tell you all about it after. 

Sailor Jerry Rum will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the old tattoo artist they named their brand after this coming Wednesday. Artists from Three Kings (my favorite inkers) and Matt Van Cura from invisible NYC are on board for this festival. The party will be at the Brooklyn bar with a bowling alley: The Gutter. It starts at 7pm and although it goes till 2am, it skews early.

I often consult middle employment situations. Clubs call me if they are looking for someone, and bar and waitstaff who are looking often ask if I know of anything. I am quick to give a recommendation to those who deserve it. It’s better than lending money.

I know a joint looking for a GM and am having a hard time. The reason for this is the job is one rung below owner. Investment types often team up with successful promo types and decide to do a club.

Problem with that is who is going to run it? Hire, fire, order cups, accounting, security, cleaning, repairs, legal matters: all are tedious work for a non-fabulous mindset. Promoters usually don’t learn that stuff in their travels, so GM types are offered points…ownership to make it all work. 

The GM job is therefore possibly the hardest job to fill, and although they often make way less than bar or waitstaff, it is just one small step for man (or woman) on that trip to to the moon.

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Cory Booker Adds Dog Rescue to Ever-Growing Résumé

America has learned an awful lot about social media-savvy Newark mayor Cory Booker over the past several months. For example, when much of the Eastern Seabord was wracked by Hurricane Sandy, Booker took to Twitter to directly address concerns of his constituents, and after one hungry Newark resident tweeted him about running out of Hot Pockets, Booker responded with words of inspiration and, as a result, the company offered coupons for free Hot Pockets to all residents. Later, we learned that he was planning to run for Senate in 2014, although Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg responded to his intentions with a little snark. 

And over the weekend, adding to the thing we already knew about Booker being really responsive when it comes to social media, we learned that he has a soft spot for our four-legged friends, especially those left out in the cold during wintry weather. When local broadcast news affiliate WABC tweeted to locals and specifically addressed Booker about dogs being left outside to freeze on a particularly cold night, Booker stepped in to bring one pooch, Cha Cha, who had recently had puppies (thankfully, not left in the cold), to warmth and safety while her owners were visiting friends in Queens. Naturally, our cynicismas media consumers and as people have kicked in and there are already some Cory Booker "truthers" declaring this a cheap press op (see the YouTube comments to the video below for proof).

But even if it was, what, do you want the dog to freeze? Come on, now. Anyway, Cory Booker rescued a dog, and got Newark Hot Pockets, and what have you done lately? Watch the broadcast—Booker, puppies and all—below.

Snow In Vegas: Not A Dumb Coke Joke

Oh, god. It’s snowing in Vegas. Yes: that desert outpost of hedonism, greed, and really good frozen bananas received – wait for it – 3.6 inches of snow last night through the early morning. And what happened? Absolute chaos.

Flights from McCarren International Airport have been halted, portions of I-15 have been closed, and schools declared it a snow day. The Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort – yes, there actually is one, 45 minutes outside of the city – reported over a foot of snow in local getaway Lee Canyon, and no doubt they’re getting slammed with whatever Las Vegans can make their way up there, today. As they’re not accustomed to seeing snow, really, ever, Las Vegas residents were joyous, to say the least: “Enjoying the SNOW DAY!!! NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!” exclaimed the Facebook status of one friend. Drudge Report made it their headline, with a snapshot of two girls in front of the iconic, now snow-covered “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign asking in that Socratic, Drudgetastic trademark way: WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

“Snow,” astutely noted my dad, in an email to me with iPhone photos of our white-covered lawn. In a mostly unprintable obscenity-laden response, I explained to him both my (A) lack of joy with snow, being in New York and (B) that I’m coming home this Saturday to get away from that exact kind of weather. “It better be gone by the time I get there. Melt that shit,” closed out the email. Dad’s response: “Ho ho ho. Don’t count on it. Love, D.” Thanks, Dad.

Update! Our Las Vegas city editor Lissa Townsend Rodgers writes in with a report: “It’s not that cold, but it’s wet as ass now that everything’s melting. Last night was a nightmare of no snowplows, no salt and no drivers who possessed snow tires or the faintest inkling of how to drive in slush. Fishtail city. Tow trucks simply lined up by the side of the road, waiting for the inevitable call to action.”