The Veils Unveil New Songs At Last Night’s Hush-Hush Rose Bar Sessions

The Veils – otherwise known as That Indie Rock Band From London Who Shamelessly Performs Like Their Possessed – hit NYC last night, performing a slew of new songs at the very hush-hush Rose Bar Sessions – Rose Bar’s secret show inside the Gramercy Park Hotel for a hand-picked 100 people who are generally very good-looking, successful, entrepreneurial, and artistic. Brandy was there (photo evidence here.) 

The performance comes just days since the release of their 4th and latest album Time Stays, We Go, and spotlighted their single "Through The Deep, Dark Wood," which is deep…dark… and absolutely rocking. Rose Bar’s tiny stage was lit in sea-blue light, and lead singer/songwriter Finn Andrews wore his signature fedora and played the drums while drummer Raife Burchell played them too. Why am I telling you this? Just watch the 22-second video of their concert and get on with it already.

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