The Stock Market is Soaring. Here’s Where to Pick Up a Banker

Have you heard the wonderful news? Wall Street is back, having just reached another record high. Oh, what a glorious day this is. What, you mean you’re not feeling the trickle down effect from all that money changing hands? Then you’re not working hard enough. No, I don’t mean working at your job, you know that won’t get you anywhere. You’re not working hard enough to find a Wall Street sugar daddy or sugar mama to take care of you. But we’re here to help you, Mr./Ms. 99%. Here’s a list of places where New York’s richest, horniest bankers will be buying rounds and looking for, well, let’s call it "love" tonight. Wear something sexy, learn to appreciate armagnac (the fanciest ‘gnac of them all), and you’ll be between high-threadcount sheets before you can say "too big to fail." Click here to see our latest Top List: Top NYC Spots to Hook Up With Rich Wall Streeters

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What Do Bankers Eat? Chef Josh Capone of The Exchange Knows

On Wall Street there is a new chef in town: Josh Capone, who has come from the East Coast to take over the kitchen at The Exchange. Haven’t heard of this restaurant? Formerly known as SHO Shaun Hergatt, the name naturally had to be amended with the regime change. The décor remains the same, but the menu has changed to reflect what Capone calls “San Francisco sensibilities.” Meaning: you will find their dinner prix fixe to consist of local and season ingredients like their current dishes including beet salad, butter roasted hake with artichoke and caramelized veggies, and chicken on the bone in a roasted garlic broth. I caught up with Capone to find out what he was bringing to The Exchange and to finally learn, what do bankers eat?

So, what do bankers like to eat? 
A banker, as in Nothing But Trouble, a/k/a the worst movie ever? Well, bankers like meat, meat, meat, meat, and tuna.

Do you find working at The Exchange and dealing with the Wall Street crowd is different from your last job in San Francisco? 
No, a cook’s life is the same no matter where you work or whom you cook for.

Why did you decide to switch coasts? 
To lose three hours of my life. Actually, my girlfriend got a great job offer so here we are.

What kinds of dishes help relieve stress? 
For me anything with bread. For guests, anything rich and familiar.

What new ideas are you bringing to the kitchen at The Exchange?  
I am bringing back the old school, large meat roasts, big portions, and food that looks and tastes like food—meaning, no thermal reversible gels. 

The Financial District is known to be a bit lacking in places to eat, what do you think makes The Exchange successful?
We do great food at a great price. With the exception of those newer restaurants near the World Financial Center, food in the financial district falls into two categories, bad take-out and bar food, or steak houses. 

What does The Exchange bring to the area?
With the exception of Wall and Water, there is no sense of what The Exchange brings to the neighborhood.  I developed a menu that has a decided San Francisco sensibility while emphasizing seasonality and locale, and I managed to do this at reasonable prices. Our overall experience along with our wine list presents a great value, and when you walk out of the elevator onto the second floor, Wall Street truly feels miles and miles away. It really is a much-needed escape. 

If your cuisine was a business tycoon, who would it most resemble?  
Rockefeller for world domination!  Or Bill Gates, because we [the food at the restaurant] are forward thinking, sensitive to the masses, but still very creative.

Occupier Hired by Wall Street Firm

One unemployed occupier gets an occupation, thanks to her own marketing savvy, the curiosity of a high-powered passerby, and a firm’s insatiable and transparent desire for publicity.

While washing sidewalks and making sandwiches at Zuccoti Park, Tracy Postert dressed in a white lab coat and touted 800 copies of her resume and a sign that read: “Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist Seeking Full Time Employment.”
The sign attracted Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst for John Thomas Financial.  “I said a very quick hello,” Kaufman told  “I took a copy of her resume and contacted her the next day. I was very impressed by it.”
Fortunately, Postert’s commute to the interview was short- just several blocks away from her dwelling in the park.
Postert was offered the job and accepted, despite having absolutely no background in finance or business. “I thought, ‘Maybe this is a person who could help us understand these early-stage biotech companies that financial people just don’t always understand,’” Kaufman said.
John Thomas CEO Thomas Belesis told the Post: “She was ranting about Wall Street, and now she’s working on Wall Street. Banks are not so bad. I hope we have opened her eyes.”
Ah, a classic hippy-to-Wall Street-er story, with a heaping dose of publicity stunt. Who has more marketing savvy?: the erstwhile, finance-bashing protester, or the firm that hopes to "enlighten" the disgruntled masses? How many other firms will follow in their lead? And how will this inexperienced, Ph.D-touting, sandwich-maker fare in the soul-sucking hell hole that is Wall Street? To be continued… 

Netflix Takes Massive Stock Market Hit

This year has been one hell of a rough ride for Netflix. The streaming video monolith lost 5% of its stock’s worth just before the bells closed on Monday afternoon and an additional 6% afterwards.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the media giant is looking for ways to dig itself out of a giant financial hole after the company pulled two confusing back-to-back gaffes earlier this year – first upping the price of its basic price, and then purporting to split the company into two websites, before nixing the idea a week later. The company hemorrhaged roughly 10-15% of its members after the PR blunder, and the aura around Netflix hasn’t been the same since, with some members of the press (and some more vocal Netflix members) calling for Netflix honcho Reed Hastings to step down. 

New York: Top 11 Places to Pick Up a Summer Analyst

Wall Street interns. Every summer they swarm the city, claiming everything from Tribeca sublets to Upper East Side dive bars as their own. But no matter how hard hipsters roll their eyes, there’s absolutely nothing we can do till Duke summons them back for pre-season. But it’s not all bad: no one has more fervent support for the monogramming industry, and in a few years it might be nice to visit their private islands, or at least their downtown lofts with outside space. So follow the smell of Axe to these spots to find a Bud Fox of your very own.

Dorrians Red Hand (Upper East Side) – Burger joint by day, fratastic by night.

Automatic Slim’s (West Village) – Freaky people dancing to a mélange of Blondie, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Brass Monkey (Meatpacking District) – Irish hospitality amid MePa monkeyshines.

Brother Jimmy’s (Union Square) Citywide chain delivering weathered wood and BBQ. “Put some south in yo’ mouth.”

Brinkley’s (Nolita) – Gastropub heir to Bar Martignetti is more Christie than David.

Butter (Noho) – Celeb hang has surprising longevity of Monday night party. High-test hotties and much meticulously tousled hair.

230 Fifth (Union Square) – Hang in a garden chair on the roof deck with your favorite teeth-grinding I-banker. Viva the ’80s, baby!

Turtle Bay (Midtown East) – Relive your college years in Midtown; keg stands not included.

Joshua Tree (Murray Hill) – Young Murrays reminiscing about the MTV they watched in their short-pants days.

The Windsor (West Village) – Gastropub ambitions at this posh, Brit-accented sports bar.

Beauty & Essex (Lower East Side) – More beauty than Essex, as former furniture shop draws a flock of pretty people.

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