Occupier Hired by Wall Street Firm

One unemployed occupier gets an occupation, thanks to her own marketing savvy, the curiosity of a high-powered passerby, and a firm’s insatiable and transparent desire for publicity.

While washing sidewalks and making sandwiches at Zuccoti Park, Tracy Postert dressed in a white lab coat and touted 800 copies of her resume and a sign that read: “Ph.D. Biomedical Scientist Seeking Full Time Employment.”
The sign attracted Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst for John Thomas Financial.  “I said a very quick hello,” Kaufman told ABCNews.com.  “I took a copy of her resume and contacted her the next day. I was very impressed by it.”
Fortunately, Postert’s commute to the interview was short- just several blocks away from her dwelling in the park.
Postert was offered the job and accepted, despite having absolutely no background in finance or business. “I thought, ‘Maybe this is a person who could help us understand these early-stage biotech companies that financial people just don’t always understand,’” Kaufman said.
John Thomas CEO Thomas Belesis told the Post: “She was ranting about Wall Street, and now she’s working on Wall Street. Banks are not so bad. I hope we have opened her eyes.”
Ah, a classic hippy-to-Wall Street-er story, with a heaping dose of publicity stunt. Who has more marketing savvy?: the erstwhile, finance-bashing protester, or the firm that hopes to "enlighten" the disgruntled masses? How many other firms will follow in their lead? And how will this inexperienced, Ph.D-touting, sandwich-maker fare in the soul-sucking hell hole that is Wall Street? To be continued…