The Top NYE Parties In NYC

Look, don’t stress. Who cares that your trip to Miami fell through, your sister announced she’s visiting, or your best friend you were going to eat Chinese food with bailed on you for a guy she met on the F train. It’s okay. You can still reclaim an unstoppable NYE night and New Year at one of these top New Year’s Eve parties in NYC. From rock anthems, to tarot cards, to monkeys, to lavish five-hour open bars – we’ve got you covered, and you will be okay. Tipsy and making as many poor decisions before your resolutions as possible, but okay.

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Boston Opening: Descent at the W Hotel

Boston, ultimately a rock & roll town, makes lurches towards more glamorous, New York conceptions of nightlife, but tends to never go too boldly into it. But the W Boston carries the brand’s DNA, and could thusly be trusted to carry it off with panache. And so while everyone seems to be reaching higher and higher into the sky, the W is plunging party people down into the Earth with its new and unambiguously named 3000-square-foot bar Descent.

Bright sensual reds contrast raw concrete walls and black epoxy flooring, and a 40-foot bar serves up sexy concoctions by cocktail goddess Charlotte Voisey. Best of all, unlike most hotel nightspots, shaking your money maker is enthusiastically encouraged here. So shake away, down below.

W Hotels Have New Concierge Robots & DJs

People are really taking advantage of their hotel concierges these days. Take the W Hotel. Not only does their concierge team suggest the best places to eat, drink, and shop in the area, and order up room service at the drop of a hat, but they are also personal DJs who help you plan your itinerary with tips on local happenings—and they Tweet for their guests. That’s because in addition to old-school human concierges, W Hotels now have robots—otherwise known as iPhone apps.

W Hotels recently released the W Hotels Worldwide app, a free application that provides information like photos, maps, booking capabilities, and mini travel guides surrounding each of the Starwood brand’s hotels. The apps also ups the ante by providing users with unique music content, curated by Michaelangelo L’Aqua, W Hotel’s music director. Through a collaboration with Coca Cola’s energy drink Burn, emerging DJs will be showcased via the ‘W Hotels and burn DJ Lab.’ There will be an offline component, too, a global tour featuring these DJs, which will also be streamed via the app.

You might be wondering what this has to do with your hotel stay—especially if you have no desire to listen to music (to which we ask: what’s wrong with you?). The app gives you access to room service at just a swipe of a screen, saving you from calling the front desk, or figuring out what extension to dial for towels versus tuna tar tar. Even if you aren’t staying in the hotel, you can order anything from their store and send it anywhere in the world.

TripAdvisor released the results of a US survey that said 60 percent of Americans have downloaded travel apps, and a further 38 percent have used them to plan a trip. To which we say: Download the BlackBook travel guides here! After you figure out what nabe you want to stay in, download the W Hotel app here.

A Look at W Hotels’ Sartorial Obsessions

In case you weren’t able to piece it together from their 1,001 sartorial celebrations, fashion has been a major focus for W Hotels. Back in September, W Hotels Worldwide premiered the fourth season of their Global Glam fashion collection, a fashion show featuring fifteen W-inspired looks from 15 designers curated by the luxury chain’s Global Fashion Director, Amanda Ross. Add to that a series of photo exhibits at their outpost in Times Square, fashion events, and, finally, this spring’s “Drawing Inspiration” Series with FIT.

The “W Happenings Presents: Street Style Photorgaphy Series” ran from September to January and featured: image September – “Models Off Duty: Fashion’s Best Dressed Models Off The Runway” By Craig Arend (of Altamira/Models Off Duty) October – “Night Lifestyle: New York City after Dark” By Nicky Digital November – “A Stylish World” by Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter December – “Scene Stealers – Best of 2010” by Sam Horine of New York Magazine January – “Gentlemen of Nonchalant Elegance & Effortless Style” February – “Bubble + Cube: An Exploration of London Style” by Susie Bubble of Style Bubble and Shini Park of Park & Cube.

“Drawing Inspiration” image In March, they launched the “Drawing Inspiration” Series with FIT, the first exhibition focusing on the works of professors Karen Santry, Steven Stipleman, Barbara Hanlon, and Joe Denaro. This month you can catch their newest installation, “Drawing Inspiration: Ladies of The Night,” featuring drawings by FIT Professor Steven Stipelman and FIT students majoring in Fashion Illustration. Artists include Cristel Schoen, Kayla Burdon, Mara Cespon, Meagan Morrison, and James Skarbek. Check out the series through May, and catch a peek below:


The Earth Quakes in the South, We Feel It in the North

An earthquake in Chile left me limp. The world seems to be doling out one disaster after another. We are bombarded with bad news on a daily basis, to a point where we are anesthetized to reality and we seek out mind-numbing reality TV or a zillion western world distractions. Crises like Haiti, global warming, Iraq-astan, health care bills, Governor Patterson’s campaign or massive chunks of melting arctic ice, go in one ear and out the Grey Goose bottle, unless we are able to put a face on it. Celebrities usually provide that face and we come to know the magnitude of the disaster through their words. Rarely do we know someone personally affected. In the club scene, we happen to have a Haitian friend or two, in the form of a club owner, DJ or promoter, who made it a more personal tragedy for us. There is no such connection with Chile, a place so foreign and far away to most of us that it seems almost mythical. Yet a quake 500 times the magnitude of the quake that devastated Haiti, has left at least 700 dead, many more injured and people sleeping on the streets of Chile for fear of aftershocks. We barely blink. Figure skating and snowboarding scores are far more important to the world.

Clubdom does have at least one familiar face in Chile. On February 10th, a date that seems such a long time ago, this column congratulated Scott and Rande Gerber for the opening of three new properties within the W Hotel in Santiago. Our friend Lindsay Risk, (an incredibly appropriate surname), is down there opening those joints up. Back then I wrote, “If I ever find myself in Santiago, Chile, maybe visiting my friend Lindsey Risk, I’ll stay at The W and visit the Gerber Group’s Whiskey Blue, W Lounge and Red 2 One. I know I can expect high design and great service.” Just a couple days ago, prior to the disaster, she asked when I was going down to visit and I replied “Never.” She told me she’d be “coming home to Soho real soon.” Her Facebook page has been a major source of communication for us while she was down there, now her Facebook page is filled with concerned friends and family trying to reach her.

Last month’s distraction, Rachel Uchitel, pleaded with Lindsay on her Facebook page to contact us. She wrote, “LINDSAY. YOUR PHONE ISNT WORKING. UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE AS SOON AS YOU CAN SO EVERYONE KNOWS IF YOU’RE OKAY. I’M CALLING THE W NOW…” Lindsay finally responded to everyone, “Love u, thanks for reaching out. So scary. Felt like the world was ending, but everyone is OK here. So much help needed. Will send you fundraiser info. Xoxox” That was Saturday night and there has been nothing since. My prayers go out to Lindsay and Chile and to all of us. Our world seems to be teetering under the weight of our psychosis. All this just feels like the tip of one of those giant icebergs that have just broken off Antarctica.

The new iceberg has been described as being the size of Luxembourg in Europe, or the state of Connecticut in the US. This could spell trouble for the oceans, scientist told media on Friday, as it could affect global ocean circulation with the melt from the ice.

And we’re worried about a little snow.

Miami: Where to Party for Superbowl XLIV

Unless you’re a regular at Rick’s Cabaret, you’ll never be able to feast your eyes on so many drunk, carefree football players and lovers as you will in Miami this weekend. Even if you aren’t a football fan, Miami is a great place to watch multiple definitions of ‘action’ happen. Witness Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson throw down on behalf of their football playing men, place bets on what Playmate T.O. will bag and stalk Rihanna, Timbaland, Jennifer Lopez and Usher as they host events around SoFla.

Friday The Shore Club (South Beach)- Uber sceney fusion of Ian Schrager, Paris and Diddy. What: Friday Night Lights When: 9:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: DJ faves like David Berrie and DJ Clue, Solange Knowles, Lamarr Woodley from the Steelers, Ray Rice from the Ravens, Shawne Merriman of the Chargers and Warren Sapp.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach (South Beach)- Miami’s billion-dollar baby. What: ESPN’s Next Party When: 9:00pm – 1:00am Hosts: Estelle, Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson perform whilst Q-Tip DJs the event.

Cameo (South Beach)- World-class DJs, underclass desires, and upper crust prices. What: T-Pain and Akon perform When: 11:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: I was just wondering whether or not T-Pain was still in jail, or was supposed to be going to jail, and, like we often do with Lil’ Wayne, we suddenly see him popping up at a club performance. Which makes me second guess both the penal system and whether or not he was even supposed to be in jail in the first place. He’s here, drinking at a table with Akon.

Saturday The Raleigh (South Beach)- The local equivalent of LA’s Chateau Marmont. What: The Maxim Party with Amanda Bynes When: 9:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: This month’s cover star Amanda Bynes is joined by Jermaine Dupri and a giant swag bag filled with VW, Samsung, Patron, Armani Code, Pepsi Max, BSN, Ubisoft and Gillette.

W Hotel (Fort Lauderdale)- Urbane chain does slick SoBe hotel, W-style. What: Taste of the N.F.L. After Party with Pete Wentz When: 10:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: Pete Wentz, though no one really knows what he has to do with the N.F.L. but the event is in good taste, as twenty-eight of the finest chefs from around the country, one from each NFL city, serve up their specialties alongside an alumni player from each of the NFL teams to raise money for local and national hunger organizations. And this is where they get wild after the meal.

Sagamore Hotel (South Beach)– What other hotel on the Beach has a lobby set up as an art gallery? What: Playboy Hosts The Black Eyed Peas After-Party When: 10:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: The Black Eyed Peas get that song stuck in your head, but the bunnies inexplicably take your mind off of it. The pairing bodes well, as Playboy is trying to re-brand the hotel as a Playboy property.

Cameo (South Beach)- World-class DJs, underclass desires, and upper crust prices. What: Ludacris and Trey Songz performances When: 11:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: Who needs a host when you have Luda and Trey poppin’ bottles at the next table?

Sunday W Hotel (South Beach)- Urbane chain does slick SoBe hotel, W-style, and tonight: 1OAK style. What:1OAK infiltrates South Beach with an event that supports the Red Cross for Haiti Relief. When: 11:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, and Gabrielle Union. Maybe the most A-list of this round-up. Which means lot’s of footballers.

Mansion (South Beach)- An obligatory stop on the South Beach nocturnal tour. What: Strip Tease Super Bowl After Party When: 11:00pm – 4:00am Hosts: Marques Houston performs and the Opium Group hosts.

Where to Watch the Obama-McCain Debate: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas

imageThis is it — the penultimate showdown before the big dance on November 4. Grab a brew and get ready to holler at your favorite candidate on the big screen. Watch the final Obama-McCain televised deathmatch at the following political-friendly hotspots.

New YorkFashion 40 Lounge (Times Square) – Obama and McCain, in surround sound. ● The Tank @ DCTV (Chinatown) – The Hysterical Festival Laughing Liberally and Final Debate Watch Party with Katie Halper (Huffington Post), Erin Judge (Comedy Central), Negin Farsad (Comedy Central), Lizz Winstead (Shoot the Messenger, The Daily Show) and Mindy Raf as Leibya Rogers (VH1). ● Tribeca Grand Hotel (Tribeca): Tribeca Film Festival white-hot zone stays steaming all year round.

Pacific Standard (Park Slope) – Presidential Debate Watching Party with Beer Specials! ● Galapagos Art Space (Brooklyn South) – Great shows at this enduring ex-Williamsburg classic. ● Flatbush Farm & Bar (Prospect Heights) – Farm chic hits the Slope, with a double-wide backyard for your slow dining pleasure.

Los AngelesBig Wangs (Hollywood) – Big-screen sports barn with displaced Midwestern alternatives reliving their shitty hometown drinking holes over beers and chicken Wangs. ● The Dime (Mid-City West) – Drown your tears next to Heather Graham at this dusky, good-looking, small, and going-off martini lounge. ● The Belmont (West Hollywood) – Well-dressed hot crowd not cool enough to get into Hyde slinks into semi-swank steakhouse. ● W Hotel (Westwood) – For the hip, but practical, well-to-do guest who doesn’t smoke and actually gets to bed before 1:30 a.m.

ChicagoEnoteca Roma Winebar and Bruschetteria (Wicker Park) – Delicious little restaurant/wine bar with down-to-Earth servers and not-to-be-missed bruschetta. ● M Lounge (South Loop) – Jazz and martini lounge. ● Matilda (Lakeview) – Old dry cleaners turned hippie dippie LSD resto-bar. It’s a trip. ● Join Chicago Public Radio’s Ben Calhoun at the Chicago History Museum (Lincoln Park) – History in the making.

Las VegasDrinking Liberally at the Roadrunner Saloon (Henderson) – One of Vegas’ many cowboy-themed bars serves up beers, shots, and Dr. Pepper-marinated tacos.